Howcum Thor doesn’t have a Norwegian accent?

Just sayin’.


  1. someone i know that doesn’t follow comics or comics movies e-mailed me and asked “so is this Marvel’s first huge bomb”?

  2. If the movie at all follows the original canon, Thor has been living in the United States for many years, as Donald Blake. Blake is an American.

    Although it WOULD be cool for Thor to have a Norwegian accent.

    Now, what I’d like to know is why the vikings in “How To Train Your Dragon” had Scottish accents.

  3. uh yeah kurt, whatever

    just like robin hood having an ohio accent in that costner movie, that worked out real well too

  4. Actually, Alan, Costner in Robin Hood worked out REAL well, despite Costner’s accent.

    The films production budget was 48 million bucks, but it went on to make over 300 million (combined foreign and domestic figures), and then of course, there was that damn song….

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  6. The Norse gods are also the ancestral gods of the English, so no problems, right? Tony Hopkins essaying Odin in a Welsh brogue should also be ignored because it’s totally brilliant.

  7. The Norse gods are also the ancestral gods of those that lived in what is now Germany, according to one book that I have (which I can’t find at the moment, darn it!).

    Sprechen Sie Deutch, Thor?

  8. Just cause their followers are Norwegian doesn’t mean that Thor and Company have to sound like them. Think about it, most Americans are Christian, do you think Jesus had an American accent?

  9. >> yeah kurt, whatever
    just like robin hood having an ohio accent in that costner movie, that worked out real well too >>


    At the very least, we know Robin Hood is English. But Thor? It’s not like they’re breaking a longstanding tradition of Thor sounding Norwegian — from dialogue cues, the closest thing established for him as a speech pattern is mock-Elizabethan English. And even that’s not consistent.

    I doubt they’re going to experience audience rebellion at him not sounding like he’s from Norway.