In just a few days the Venom movie starring Bane will be hitting theaters, so there’s no better time for all of Marvel’s licensing deals to get themselves some of that sweet sweet symbiote heat. The mobile turn battle RPG, Marvel Strike Force is bringing the most familiar version of the character for comic book fans in a new update.

Attention, Strike Agents! Two new forces are invading the MARVEL Universe: the dangerous symbiote known as Venom, now available as a playable character in MARVEL Strike Force, and the shape-shifting Mystique coming soon.

With autonomous defense moves, an amorphous costume, the powers of Spider-Man (Venom’s first host), and then some, Venom is one of humanity’s greatest threats, and now its greatest ally. Venom’s deadly abilities include a whirlwind attack using his razor sharp claws and tongue, a strike from above that inflicts a bleeding effect, and a devastating explosion that calls upon his alien symbiote to corrupt enemies and any other foes unfortunate enough to be nearby.

Following Venom’s arrival is the exotic super assassin and shape-shifter Mystique. A member of the diabolical Brotherhood of Mutants, Mystique can endlessly disorient her enemies with the ability to change forms, and stop them in their tracks with her preternatural agility and reflexes. She’s a must-have mutant for an upcoming Legendary Event and her boss and evil mentor will be following closely behind.

Marvel Strike Force is free to download on Google Play and iOS.