WitchbloodVault has announced a series of interlocking Witchblood cover variants from Cover-Artist-in-Residence, Yoshi Yoshitani (Beneath the Moon). Each of the five connected pieces will be published as open-order variants for Witchblood  #1 through #5.

WitchbloodVault’s 2021 Cover Artists-in-Residence (or CAIR) program features Yoshitani along with Martin Simmonds (The Department of Truth), Corin Howell (Shadow Service), Joshua Hixson (The Plot), and Jen Hickman (I Breathed a Body). The CAIR program will see each artist drawing open-order variants for the entire run of the Vault series of their choosing.

Witchblood“In comics, we want to be judged by our covers,” said Vault Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Adrian Wassel, about the Cover-Artist-in-Residence program. “That’s why we started CAIR—our Cover Artist in Residence program. On top of our phenomenal core teams, our 2021 CAIR roster of Jen Hickman, Joshua Hixson, Corin Howell, Martin Simmonds, and Yoshi Yoshitani will be making covers that leap off the shelf and shake you by the shoulders for our entire 2021 catalog. This team represents an expansion of last year’s team—our first year of CAIR, that saw astonishingly gorgeous covers from Jen Hickman (returning!), Adam Gorham, and Rebekah Isaacs. So please, between this roster and Tim Daniel’s daring and indelible design, I’d very much like to invite you to judge us by our covers.”

Witchblood is written by Matthew Erman, drawn by Lisa Sterle, colored by Gab Contreras, lettered by Jim Campbell, and designed by Tim Daniel. The synopsis for the series is below:

A modern, Wild West road trip about a witch named Yonna cruising the Southwest as a band of bloodthirsty biker vampires, The Hounds of Love, hunt her scattered coven for the source of all magic: witch blood. From the critically acclaimed creators of The Modern Witch Tarot Deck and Long Lost comes WITCHBLOOD, a blend of action, lore, and Americana-perfect for fans of Buffy and American Gods.

Witchblood #1 is currently available. Issue #2 is slated to release on April 28.