Vault Comics shared another writer/artist duo from its 2022 creative team lineup. This time, Michael Moreci (The Plot, Wasted Space, The Lost Carnival) and Nathan Gooden (Brandon Sanderson’s Dark One, Vampire: The Masquerade) were named, but so far the publisher hasn’t tied a book title to this pairing. 

This isn’t the first time Moreci and Gooden have been linked for Vault. The writer and artist headed up Barbaric last year, a tale about a “bloodthirsty barbarian and his drunk ax” who “roam an untamed, mythic realm battling supernatural cultists, hungry giants, creatures of the night, and more in their quest to somehow, amidst all this chaos, do some good.”

Both creators have also been involved in other Vault projects alongside a long list of top creators such as Joshua Hixson, Daniel Kraus, Ram V, Tim Daniel, and more.

Stay tuned for updates on this project and other creative teams for this year!