Vault Comics announced today a new book in the Barbaric universeBarbaric: Wrong Kind of Righteous, with writer Nicholas Eames co-writing with Michael Moreci. Nathan Gooden continues on art. The publisher first teased art and details on a full year of its popular franchise last year.

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Dubbed the Year of the Axe, the publisher announced the first-ever spinoff series Queen of Swords, which recently broke comic shop sales records ahead of release. In addition, new arcs were announced, and a collaboration with best-selling, Gemmell Award-winning Fantasy author Nicholas Eames (Kings of Wyld) was teased. 

Today, Vault can reveal full details around Barbaric: Wrong Kind of Righteous, which unites the original Barbaric co-creators with Eames for a special story from the past which introduces an all-new sentient weapon, and dives into Owen and Axes past!

“I’ve loved Barbaric since Michael sent me an early look at the first issue. My books, he said, had been an inspiration while writing it, and when I read those pages, I felt right at home. The humour, the heart, the delightfully twisted tropes…It was so much fun” said Eames. “I’ve been a fan of comics my whole life and have always dreamed of writing my own, so when Michael—and Vault—offered me the opportunity to co-write something set in Barbaric’s world I jumped at the chance. It was, I think, the perfect way to try my hand at a medium I’ve always loved while learning from a writer (and editor) who I greatly admire.”

Story details:

Barbaric: Wrong Kind of Righteous is a double-sized one-shot introducing Sir Borys the Righteous Paladin and his trusty, talking Flail, as he enlists the help of Owen, Axe, and Soren on his noble path. There will be virtuous bloodshed! There will be wailing protests! There will be two talking weapons! And there will be wyvern burgers served (for better or worse) with pickles!

Eames continued, “When it came to pitching a story, I sent Michael the first idea that came to mind but promised to brainstorm further—except Michael loved that first idea, since it also served as a means of exploring Barbaric’s lore, especially when it comes to…Well, I suppose you’ll have to read and find out.”

Barbaric: Wrong Kind of Righteous will be solicited in June for release this August. Reserve your copy at your favorite comic shop. There will also be two covers available from series artist Gooden and a variant to be revealed soon!