Marvel recently announced that writer James Robinson would be tackling an upcoming solo series starring the Scarlet Witch spinning out of her on-screen debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Initially…the comic did not have an interior artist,  however, news came yesterday from Newsarama that Hit: 1957 artist Vanessa R. Del Rey will be pencilling the first issue. David Aja is creating covers for the new series. The upcoming title is shipping in December. This is the first solo comic book starring the Scarlet Witch, who is leaving her previous outfit from Marvel NOW! for a new one designed by Kevin Wanda as seen below.

It’s unsure as of this moment if Marvel is going to be rotating female artists issue-to-issue or possibly keep Del Rey for the foreseeable future. Robinson is looking to give Wanda Maximoff more of a personality in the upcoming series:

If you ask most people to describe the personality of any of the main Marvel heroes, any of them—Captain America, the Vision, Hawkeye, The Wasp—fans of those characters can give you, ‘Oh, he’s this or that. He’s this or that,’” said Robinson to Newsarama.

The author went onto explain that Wanda will be exiting her Avengers identity and spinning off into the world of witchcraft with the “spirital alfred” guidance of Marvel supporting character Agatha Harkness. With a creative team in Vanesa R. Del Rey — James Robinson and David Aja — Maximoff is in good hands. The question now is if Del rey will stick around for a second issue…or if the publisher will find another artist for the title.



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