By Todd Allen

Valiant has released the following line with this image:  “Are you different? Meet Faith Herbert this September, only in Harbinger #4.”

That would be the reintroduction of Zephyr into the Harbinger world.  The original could fly.  No word if Flamingo is also in this issue or not.


  1. Yay!

    Jim Shooter’s Faith was a groundbreaking character in the 1980s. That’s rather a sad statement: it shouldn’t have been particularly novel for a superhero comic to feature a young woman who was heroic but not a “strong woman”, who was charismatic without being a Barbie doll, who was fat without being ridiculous. But it was, and I loved her unashamedly for it.

  2. The original character was cool, kind of naive and a comics fangirl so much so that she made the other harbingers wear costumes/uniforms so they’d be a “real” super-team.

    That cover looks a little super serial you guys so let’s hope the writers don’t suck all the fun out of the character for yet another melo-drama mouthpiece.

  3. I busted out my Children of the Eighth Day trade to do a comparison between the first issues of ’92 and ’12 Harbinger, so I was reminded of how much fun Faith was as a character.

    I have to say, though, that the pacing issues of these new Valiant books are only defensible if they’re doing something different with these concepts. If they’re basically following the same storyline but taking an assload longer to do it, that’s just a horrible thing creatively and, mostly likely, commercially.


  4. Wow!!! Yay!!! Iv just learned about faith today!!! & she is every bit me. I’m serious… Ha. My name is Faith, Iv always floated above the norm, iv always been pretty naive & able to escape the evils in my life w/ my abilities of making light of heavy situations… Crazy incredible to finally find a character that puts my life in words. So super excited that maybe now people will finally see that I / faith may not be perfect but to have a little faith in her to get the job done
    cause she not only completely believes she is & can but is Faith… & Yes, I am quite the character.

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