X-O Manowar Creative TeamValiant has announced its new X-O Manowar creative team: writer Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum and artist Emilio Laiso.
Hallum and Laiso will take over X-O Manowar in November. The current X-O Manowar run, which spanned 26 issues, comes to an end today. Largely the work of writer Matt Kindt and artist Tomas Giorello, that run first launched back in March of 2017. X-O Manowar is arguably Valiant’s flagship character, with apologies to Bloodshot, of course.
The new X-O Manowar creative team is an interesting choice for Valiant. Hallum is perhaps most well-known for his work at Marvel Comics, which included stints on X-Men titles as well as a truly excellent run on Spider-Woman. This, however, marks his first work for Valiant.
“The Valiant universe is full of intensely human characters with wild origins and interesting flaws,” Hallum said in a statement. “We always give the cool robot suits to billionaires and scientists. I love how Aric flips that on its head. He didn’t build the suit. He can’t explain the suit. And he could kick your butt up and down the road without the suit. The anachronism is fascinating and I can’t wait to play around with it.”
Meanwhile, artist Laiso is also making his Valiant debut, having worked on Marvel superhero and Star Wars titles, as well as creator-owned franchises like Hack/Slash. In Valiant’s preview art (above), Laiso is colored by Ruth Redmond.


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