Valiant has just announced a brand new mini-series for one of their most beloved characters first introduced in the Harbinger series: Faith. Her brand new series is being written by Orphan Black author Jody Houser with art from Frankenstein: Agent of Shade illustrator Francis Portela with additional sequences drawn by DC Comics Bombshells artist Marguerite Sauvage. The comic is a four-issue mini-series picking up where the previous one-shot featuring the character Faith #0 left off — in the wake of Faith leaving Unity, the hero takes a job as a newspaper reporter. She battles crime at night and reports on news by day.

CBR broke the news this morning and ran the first set of exclusive covers for the comic along with an interview from Houser:

Since she first got her powers, Faith has never really been alone. First there was the Renegades, then her and Torque, and then Unity. This is her first time out on her own as a hero, and really as an adult living in a big city. It’s a time of major changes for her, but Faith being Faith, she’s more optimistic about the fresh start than anything else. Of course, optimism doesn’t mean things are easy…

Catch Faith in her new series is launching January 2016.


  1. I know it’s setting the bar low, but I’m so very pleased that the cover artist didn’t go with the obvious joke, instead opting for a cute, rather whimsical image. Definitely makes for a positive first impression.

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