Valiant have moved into guided-view digital-first comics this week, with the launch of Valiant 8-Bit Adventure. A series continuing on from the previous 8-bit covers/tie-in video game the company ran earlier this year, the first issue ties in to their new series Unity.


Written by Ben McCool and drawn by Donovan Santiago and CrissCross, 8-Bit Adventure: Unity looks as though it’ll be the first of several 8-bit comics coming out from Valiant, and the company have plans to continue their 8-bit universe beyond this first issue. The solicitation reads:

Before they take the fight to X-O Manowar in the pages of UNITY #1, Toyo Harada is launching his all-star squad of heavy hitters – Ninjak, Eternal Warrior, and Livewire – into the most intense, most unpredictable, most fantastic battle simulation ever undertaken. Can these inscrutable heroes survive a pixel-smashing fight through each of gaming’s greatest milestones?

The first issue is up on Comixology today.


  1. It was kind of a unique comic. Reminded me of Brian Clevinger’s old webcomic 8-Bit Theater or Bob and George or one of the other old sprite webcomics from the early 2000s. Be cool if Valiant put out a retro 8-bit platformer with their characters.

    Some of the gamer talk was a little out of date though. Note to writers: you don’t game but want to see what’s current in gamer slang just browse high traffic message boards for whatever the top games of the moment currently are. Right now it’s League of Legends.

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