A few months ago, we wrote about artist Tony Harris and his attempt to raise $60,000 via Kickstarter to fund his dream project, a graphic novel called ROUNDEYE: FOR LOVE. This raised a bit of discussion about whether $60k was too much for Kickstarter or whether this was an appropriate amount to attempt to raise. (Harris said it reflected his need to feed kids and pay the mortgage.) Since then, a couple of things happened.

About a month ago, Harris announced that IDW was set to publish the book if he got it finished, and because of this he would only need $20,000. However, even the lesser amount was not met. And so Harris set out to do a THIRD ROUND of funding, this time for $10,000, which most people would agree is a pretty reasonable amount. So far, $5,865 has been raised, with 11 days to go.

What say you, Tony Harris fans? Can a couple hundred people pledge $25 each?


  1. The easiest way to gain support is to offer the book in question as part of the reward. Donate X amount of money, and you are guaranteed a pre-order of the book. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of reward in that kind.

  2. Exactly, Matt.

    We had a successful Kickstarter for Book Four of The Dreamland Chronicles for just that reason.


    People weren’t “donating” so much as they were pre-ordering the book.

    I’d highly recommend adding a cheap pre-order.

    Kickstarter is wonderful.

    We were able to pre-sell directly to our readers and completely pay for the whole book run in advance.

  3. Get your book done by any means possible. I originally thought Kickstarter and donate buttons were just digital panhandling, until I realized how much I was learning from John Kricfalusi over at http://johnkstuff.blogspot.com/ — it was a lot. In fact, I learned more about animation from his site than any school or any book, and thought about what a class would cost. So I sent him something. Matter of fact, I should now go and drop something in The Beat’s tip jar — I get plenty of news and enjoyment from this site.

  4. I’d rather see Tony Harris actually finish War Heroes instead of deciding he wants to start off another project.

    Doesn’t help he’s got that lingering over his head and he wants us to help him start off another project and yet can’t finish previous commitments.