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UPDATE: You can read the first 12 pages of SECRET INVASION at EW’s website. PLUS, Nisha Gopalaninterviews Brian Bendis:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How much input did you have in this event, and what kind of directives did Marvel give you? BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS: I was writing both Avengers books [the New Avengers] and [Mighty Avengers], so I was pretty much there for everything…. I’m also part of that room [in a Marvel retreat that takes place in New York City each year] that decides those things. Me and Jeph Loeb [DC’s Batman: Hush] and Ed Brubaker [Captain America] and Mark Millar [Civil War] are there. We scream and yell at each other — it’s hilarious. You’d literally think that real political agendas that affect the world were being [debated]. In fact, me and Loeb were having at it just at the last retreat.

As we mentioned yesterday, purported disgruntled Marvel staffer Marvel_b0y is blogging again and he has learned nothing from all the misery he has caused.

To all of you haters out there that keep calling me a hater, let me spell this out for you. I do not hate Marvel comics, I do not hate Marvel. I do not want to bring the entire company down. I am not doing this because I am an attention whore. I just don’t like some of the things that they have done and I am trying to use this as a forum to get Marvel to rethink some of these editorial decisions, starting at the top. I actually DO like some books!

He then goes on to plug some books. This, coupled with the fact that he’s posting during the day, when supposedly computer activity and whatnot could be monitored, indicates to us that this Marvel–b0y is indeed a Skrull plant. Is this the same MB as the first bitter, disenchanted blogger? Forensics seem to say yes.

But now a new copy-cat career killer is on the prowl. Another Marvel “insider” is leaking even juicier spoilers to a blog that we won’t link to. Is the blogger in question being played? Is this disinfo being leaked? Do you really care? From our honest viewpoint, SECRET INVASION looks like a fairly entertaining Marvel mini, and if it’s a good story, all the spoilers in the world won’t ruin it entirely. If you want to get even more into the Skrullduggery, marvel has made the entire Secret Invasion Prologue available via its digital comics site. (You’ll need to register to read the whole thing, True Believer!)

Even more importantly, a Marvel_b0y look-a-like has struck BLOG! the Fantagraphics blog! Is this the first in a series of indie/Marvel crossover>

Find Marvel_b0y if you can, which you can’t. I’m squatting where there’s an audience besides the Skrulls and their wannabe minions. Props to DB for slipping his way into this blog (thanks for the easy pickings, Blogger). The tight tshirt crowd at Fantagraphics won’t mind the traffic and besides that Gilbert Hernandez knows how to draw a real superheroine.

Conclusion: NO ONE IS SAFE.

(Above graphic created by Dorian and you must hit that link to get ALL the good shit. Thanks, amigo!)


  1. My god, all this confuses me so. Ouch, it hurts to think.

    In response I will wait for the “Secret Invasion” TPB and ignore everything until then, like I do with every summer “event.”

  2. The Secret Invasion Saga (the giveaway comic) would have been a lot better if the insides of the book had identified what each page or sequence was from because it’s hard to guess what is from where from just the lengthy inside cover credits other than obvious sequences like those by Jack Kirby. What years are those other sequences from? Some are from the 60s and 70s but others would be more recent. How recent?

  3. Kevin,
    Don’t sell yourself short. There’s also the “reporting Marc Guggenheim to the WGA” thing and the “perpetuating the rumor that Devin Grayson slept her way to the top” thing. Heck, I can think of half a dozen reasons why your cheap & petty shots are burning your bridges wherever you go.

  4. Well, I think it all balances out, Dan. When I have people to exaggerate and sensationalize what I said, it works as great advertisement.

    By the way…Dan? It’s sweet how you always post after me. And I’m flattered and all, but it just wouldn’t work between us. I like Spider-Man, and you write Brand New Day. It’s too big of a river to cross. ;)

  5. Dan – Huxford is a blight on the internet. Lots of us agree. He’s done a ton of cheap and petty things lately, but you don’t have to stoop to his level and stalk him around the internet. The more attention you give Huxford, the more it validates him.

  6. Gotcha. So you didn’t report Marc Guggenheim to the WGA? Or perpetuate the rumor that Devin Grayson slept her way into the work she got? Or frequently mention Val’s sexual organs? Or ANY of that stuff? Weird. You should check your accounts, I think someone’s running around posting as you.

  7. See what happens when you post without refreshing? *sigh*

    I know you’re right. And the fact is, with the number of places Kevin is “taking time off from”– and being flat-out banned from, there aren’t that many places I go to where I can see his posts anymore. So the problem’s kinda sorting itself out.

  8. Awww, Dan…there you go sensationalizing more. Places I’ve been banned from? You mean like you banned me from the Bendis Boards for our personal history rather than any behavior on the boards?

    But really, Dan…this will be the last I respond to you…because you make every thread you find me in about me instead of about the topic at hand, like you did over at [email protected]

  9. Woh boy….I go out to lunch and make a few phone calls and everyone goes mental.

    I have deleted several posts from this thread because they were same kind of meaningless mud slinging and mean spirited RUMOR MONGERING that grown adults should not engage in.

    Professionalism is as professionalism does.

    Everyone behave.

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