UNDONE Cast & Crew Breaks Down Amazon’s Trippy New Show from the creator of BOJACK HORSEMAN [video]

The Beat's Yael Tygiel talks to some of the minds behind Bojack Horseman who are now giving life to Amazon's new animated trippy-as-all-heck series, UNDONE.


When the co-creators of Amazon’s new original animated series, Undone, were working together on Bojack Horseman, they wondered whether or not they could make something that took all the trippiest elements of the hit Netflix show and craft something new and unique. From the minds of Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy comes this new roto-lined animated series that follows a woman with a unique relationship with time.

Alma, played by Rosa Salazar (Maze Runner) wakes up after a nearly fatal car accident to discover the way she perceives the world has changed. Harnessing this power, Alma now has the opportunity to find out what happened to her father, who’s played by Bob Odenkirk (Breaking BadBetter Call Saul).

Watch as The Beat‘s Yael Tygiel talk to Bob-Waksberg, Purdy, and Salazar about what it was like to craft this incredibly innovative and stylized new show.

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Undone premieres on Amazon on September 13th. The show is produced by Tornante. Along with Bob-Waksberg and Purdy, Undone is executive produced by Steven Cohen, Noel Bright, and Tommy Pallotta. Dutch artist Hisko Hulsing oversees the animation team, studio Submarine, which is based in Amsterdam. Austin-based studio Minnow Mountain contributes as well.

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