We’re still kicking the tires and adding air here at Stately Beat Manor with our new server. Unfortunately, The Beat is a large, complex, dynamic website and it takes up a lot of web resources, so we haven’t found the right level of power yet — or the images.

Developing. In the meantime, everyone have an amazing Thanksgiving!


  1. Did you download the /wp-content/uploads directory and it’s contents using an FTP program from the old host and then upload it all to the new host replacing the existing empty directory? You then need to make sure the permissions for /wp-content/uploads is set to 755. Usually you do this by right-clicking the directory and selecting file attributes or something like that.

    Also, if your hosting provider is using an Apache web server, the .htaccess file located in your root directory can really hose up the way images are handled.

    Good luck!