PlayStation CEO Shawn Layden took to Sony’s own PlayStation blog to announce some disappointing news. Gamers will have to wait two additional weeks to play the epic finale of Nathan Drake’s story in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The game will now be releasing worldwide on May 10, 2016. Layden sited manufacturing issues as the reason for the delay. Some had speculated a new date would be announced due to the game not “going gold”, meaning it’s ready to be sent off for the manufacturing process. Typically, a game is sent for manufacturing at least a full 30 days before its release date. Though it still could have gone to press in order to make the April 26 release date; Sony seems confident they’ll need all the copies the publisher can manufacture to meet high demand. Though no game in recent memory has sold out in stores since Grand Theft Auto III on the PS2, especially this far out from the consumer driven holiday season.

This marks the latest delay for the game since it’s original announced launch window of Holiday 2015. With many triple A releases getting a bad wrap by shipping with various quality control issues, it looks like PlayStation and developer Naughty Dog are looking to ensure a finished experience in every possible way.

Here’s Sony’s official statement on the delay:

As you know, Naughty Dog is wrapping up production on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End with the game on track to go gold and into production later this month. In an effort to meet the considerable worldwide demand, and to ensure that all gamers worldwide have the opportunity to play the game on day one, we have chosen to postpone the launch of the game by two weeks to allow for extra manufacturing time.

Therefore, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has a new worldwide release date of May 10, 2016.

We know this news might be disappointing, and we are sorry to have to make you wait a little longer to play Naughty Dog’s latest. The good news is that the game is phenomenal — we are fully confident that it will be worth the wait and the team at Naughty Dog is eager as ever for you to experience Nathan Drake’s final adventure.

We thank you for your continued support for PlayStation.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be released May 10, 2016 for the PlayStation 4.

To tide you over there’s always a look at the art of the game from developer Naughty Dog in Dark Horse’s The Art of Uncharted 4. Available at all book stores and online.


  1. This is a specific response to the article about Uncharted 4 : A thief’s end. I know that everyone anticipating the release of the Videogame with baited breath will be slightly disappointed in the delay of two additional weeks (as I am also) but try to remember that the creators of the game are artists. They want the best possible experience to represent their passion, their hard work and personal sacrifices to mean something. And I say all this not as someone who knows ANYTHING about that specific industry. I’m purely speaking from the unknowing perspective of a videogame consumer. Your average Joe.

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