Relaunching once more, Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo were today appointed as the new creative team for a new volume of Uncanny X-Men. The book will feature Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magik, Magneto, along with some new characters created by the creative team. Much is still under wraps, but it looks like Cyclops will be setting up a guerilla army to take on mutant prejudice.

The book sees Magneto with a new weird helmet, Cyclops with a new head…sack…thing, and Emma Frost wearing all-black. Ooh, and Magik now have spiky armour stuff! The new characters on the cover look somewhat like the ones seen in previous covers for All-New X-Men, as far as I can tell.

In an interview with, Bendis doesn’t go into the details for the ongoing plot – which will be thematically connected to All-New X-Men if not actually connected right now – but does mention a few new changes for the status quo of the team. First up? Emma Frost and Cyclops are no longer a couple. 

Let’s just hope Jean Grey keeps her hands to herself.


  1. The costumes… can’t say that I’m a fan. Although this is just a first glimpse, of course. I’m hoping that there’ll be a rationale of these costumes being designed to intimidate, and we’ll see the characters out of them when not on mission.

    The book itself–I’ll fully admit to being an X-zombie. There is an “Uncanny X-Men” series again and that alone makes me very happy. The magnificent line-up of characters is bonus.

  2. I don’t think he’s physically 80 anymore. During the Fraction run, Magneto makes reference to the High Evolutionary having made him feel like a man of 20 or 30 again.

  3. it would seem that at least one purpose of AVX was to “disassemble” the x-men. considering how long bendis kept the avengers “disassembled”, one has to wonder how long it will be before we see the old status quo of the x-men. it might be (five, eight, ten?) years before we see the x-community come together as bendis unfolds the direction he wants to take the x-men in. on the other hand, considering the increased frequency of relaunches the reunification of the x-community might happen as soon as the next couple of years.

  4. He did use Noh-Varr – but not as how Noh-Varr was originally set up/written. I mean, Space Ghost… uh “The Protector”??? You kidding. If that’s Bendis’ respecting other people’s work, lordy what he’s gonna do to X-Men. He’s already ret-conning the entire Dan Abnett/Andy Lanning Guardians of the Galaxy run (the version chosen for the movie) so he can – as usual – have a clean slate when he starts his book, so he can have the books HIS way.

  5. one has to wonder how long it will be before we see the old status quo of the x-men.

    AvX; CONSEQUENCES effectively returned at least some of the mutants to the status quo of the ’70s. Cyclops and the other members of his group, fighting criminals, protecting new mutants, but remaining hidden from the public at large–that’s all very familiar stuff.

    The problem with the treatment of the heroes, and mutants specifically, is that evolution has ceased to have any importance. When Bendis had Osborn and his allies copy the heroes’ powers in his Dark Avengers Redux storyline, they copied the “genes” of all the heroes. The differences between the mutants and the other heroes (somatic mutants) were eliminated.

    And if you go back and reconsider the alternate future storylines, such as “Days of Futures Past,” when mutants were held in concentration camps, that actually has nothing to do with evolution either. It’s just persecution of minorities. If humans were evolving in a biological sense, there would be fewer and fewer “normal” humans born and trying to eliminate mutants would eliminate the human race.

    If someone is really into the mutants as characters, the new setup might be interesting, but thematically, there’s nothing. How stupid does someone have to be not to realize that persecuting people is bad? One lecture should be enough.


  6. I agree…it’s the equivalent of someone wearing an American Flag on their head to prove how patriotic they are.

    “I’m so X-Men right now, guys. It’s serious.” – X-Face Cyclops

  7. Zach – Bendis’ Marvel Boy resembled Morrison’s in name only, and he even changed that!
    Morrison increases mutant population dramatically, Bendis lowers it even more dramatically. Morrison does a big finale for Phoneix, Bendis brings it back. Morrison hooks up Cyclops and Emma Frost, Bendis breaks them apart. Morrison has Wolverine say he hangs to the left, Bendis changes it to the right.
    Maybe it’s only us fans who always saw it as Bendis Vs. Johns at the big two, but Bendis sees it as Bendis Vs Morrison, in a battle of the baldy’s!

  8. Sheeze… that Cyclops mask looks damn fugly! And Magneto’s “new” helmet isnt going to win any awards either.

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