Comic-Con International, the nonprofit that puts on the San Diego Comic-Con, started mailing out badges last year, as they instituted RFID technology and other measures to prevent counterfeiting and black markets sales.

This year, I even got my badge mailed to me! In a cute little box. So of course I made an unboxing video.

A lot of my press peers were posting similar unboxing images yesterday and today…but some people will need t pick up their badges on site the old fashioned way.

And you’ll still need a lanyard!

Now, I just need to remember to BRING MY BADGE WITH ME.  Adding it to my to do list!


  1. And be sure to attach it correctly to the lanyard! Both my wife and I separately lost our badges on the floor at WonderCon because of this. But the RFID technology made it easy to replace since they just deactivated the lost ones and gave us replacements!

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