With NYCC right around the corner, it was a nice surprise to find my annual Marvel Unlimited Plus Membership Kit at my mailbox today. These boxes are sent out annually to all Marvel Unlimited Plus members. It usually includes some exclusive variant cover comics, an exclusive Marvel Legends action figure and a pin. Every box revolves around a theme.

The theme of this box is fairly obvious from graphic on the outside. I’m expecting a lot of Venom inside. Opening the box continues the Venom theme, with a a striking “We are Venom!” exclamation word balloon on the all-black interior.

Even the welcome letter is falling victim to the Venom symbiote.

Two comics were included this year, both with exclusive Venomized variant covers. First up is Black Panther (2018) #1, featuring a Venomized T’Challa by Jamal Campbell.

The second comic is Venom (2018) #1 with a venomized Frank Castle with guns blazing by Paul Renaud.

Speaking of Venom-Punisher, digging deeper into the box reveals this year exclusive, members-only Marvel Legends action figure, a Venomized Punisher! Sure, it’s basically a repainted Venom figure with a Punisher skull added to the spider-symbol on the chest, and a couple of guns thrown in as accessories, but still! Venom Punisher! Punisher Venom!

The Venom theme ends there. The final two items in the box feature Marvel’s first family, The Fantastic Four. I received a classic Fantastic Four Logo patch.

And what is possibly my favorite thing in the box, a Thing pin designed by Skottie Young. You might recognize this image from Skottie’s cover to the recently relaunched FF series.

After I finished going through the box, I noticed something very cool. Marvel thanked the Marvel Unlimited Plus members individually on the backs of the Venom and Black Panther comics. I found my name on the back of Venom!