L C0710Bc5Cf9648Eeab48D0388477D27FRemember near the end of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND when the ET research team tentatively plays the five note theme that has been haunting the UFO-chasers…and waits, and waits and then the mother ship ANSWERS BACK? Well that’s kind of what happened at The Beat yesterday!

When we wrote about the marketing clout actor/musician Tyrese Gibson was bringing to sell his new Image Comic, MAYHEM, we kinda suspected we’d get caught up in it, and indeed, Tyrese Tweeted about the post twice and urged his followers to comment:
Very Important! Post comments! Somebody GO!!

Your making NON believers Believe! I Love YOU http://bit.ly/SSFjk

and his followers OBEYED with over a hundred messages in a few hours, from different IPs. (We removed some duplicates and obvious trolls.) We think this does have to be noted as a successful campaign — many of the posters mentioned being new to the comics world — who knows if MAYHEM will keep them there, but it seems to be a genuine outreach to a new audience. In the comments, Brian Hibbs wrote:

I ordered 3 copies of MAYHEM #1. Without the sense that Gibson was behind it, based on the cover and the solicitation blurb alone my “natural” order would have been zero copies.

so in that sense it’s already a success.

We’re told that one of Tyrese’s comics advisors is Percy Carey, aka MF Grimm, whose graphic novel SENTENCES came out from Vertigo last year. Carey has already written some sharp things about the comics industry, so we’ll be watching to see how all this plays out.

In the meantime, just to be clear, we think Tyrese and his Twitter street team are swell, and it’s fun to play along. So, pax everyone.


  1. So Brian Hibbs ordered 3 copies? Wow! That shows the insane power worldwide celebrities have over the direct market comic shops isn’t it? With 3 copies sold (well maybe) Tyrese is going to be rich!
    Is it just me or the system is broken?
    Tyrese Gibson can attract obviously hundreds (and probably thousands) of his fans to try a comic he wrote, and the average retailer stocks 3 copies? Yes better be safe. Better order more of that Marvel crossover instead. It’s not like anybody wants new buyers in comic shops. No sir.

  2. Sniff-sniff– this smells like a film star trying to get a property out there which he controls and which is intended for further film adaptation. We’ve seen it before. To be fair, it’s much easier to pitch and to assert creative ownership of the idea if there is a hard copy document which can be left behind in the studio offices.

    If he’s surprised by how hard it is to bump orders up to respectable numbers all I can say is, welcome to self-publishing, chum.

    The cover art looks rad though.

  3. Here’s the thing, though: this looks from the art samples, to be the kind of mediocre Guy-With-A-Gun 90s-style Image book that has no significant natural audience whatsoever — the kind of book that, if it were lucky, might sell in the 1500 range in the DM.

    From my side of the counter it doesn’t look much different than, say, the Jada Pinkett comic, or the Milo Ventimiglia one, or the Stephen Baldwin one — books published solely because someone thought, “Ooh, maybe we should get in bed with some minor celebrity, that might help us later!” than “Here’s something with aesthetic value on it’s own”.

    And all of those previous examples? I SOLD either 1 or NO copies, just like I can’t sell comics based on, say, William Shatner stories, or Vincent Price, or, the stuff from Virgin that was from Jenna Jameson or Nic Cage, or, going back further, most of Tekno’s line, or… well you get the point?

    The number of cases where “celebrity” comics actually SELL comics can be counted in a mere handful — usually music-based projects which tie into the music (Say the Tori Amos comic, or, back in the day, the Prince one), or something like, say, UMBRELLA ACADEMY where the results are something that is a comic for it’s own sake and strengths rather than because of the fame of the participants. (Like, say, Percy Carey’s SENTENCES)

    This isn’t a matter, from my side of the counter, of “refusing to expand the market” or whatever, it is looking at the material presented and concluding there isn’t a natural market for it BECAUSE IT *looks* JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE ON THE STANDS.

    It, in fact, looks like just another “superhero” book where the characters aren’t owned by Time/Warner or Marvel Entertainment Group.

    IT IS THE VERY FACT THAT GIBSON IS “tweeting” all over this that got me to stock those 3 copies in the first place, but at this moment in time I still don’t have ANY expectation that they’ll actually SELL — as noted (though Heidi didn’t quote that bit), we’ve had exactly zero requests for, or any indication that people-who-are-actually-willing-to-pull-money-out-of-their-pockets will come in for this.

    “Tweets” don’t sell comics, people walking into a store with money in hand do.

    I’ve not heard from any retailer who has indicated that any of this campaign has translated into a significant and verifiable number of new and actual customers. I’ve heard from a few that have gotten CALLS, but that few/none of those calls have translated into someone willing to, say, put their credit card down to buy. Except Meltdown — Gibson’s “home” store.

    I’d LOVE to be wrong. I’d love it if I sell my three copies in 30 seconds, and have to reorder 10 times that. I’d LOVE that.

    But based on twenty years experience in selling comics, and, yes, selling comics to the GENERAL PUBLIC, I have a hard time seeing that that happening based upon what we’ve been shown of the work in question.


  4. First and foremost, I welcome anyone and anything that brings a new audience and customers to the medium. Any exposure is good thing.

    But it’s unfair to criticize Brian Hibbs and other comic book stores when it’s their money on the line. Comic book stores buy on a non-returnable basis unlike a B&N.

    If Tyrese Gibson fans are excited about Mayhem, they should go a comic book store or a comic book store website, put down their credit or debit card numbers, and pre-order multiple copies of several issues. If you order 3 copies of the first 3 issues, comic book store owners and managers are going to notice.

    And the more advance orders on a new comic book they receive, the more they’re going to order. They’d be stupid not to, and the stupid store owners are probably out of business by now. They might not order the 400 copies that Tyrese wants them to, but they’re going to order more copies.

    But if you read Brian Hibb’s full post, NO ONE has called to pre-order Mayhem. Yet he was still willing to order 3 copies which I think demonstrates a lot more class on his part than the people criticizing him. It’s one thing to tweet about your support or say you’re buying a copy, it’s another to actually do it. It’s one to show the love, it’s another to show the money.

    Also based on the research I did, Image Comics and Tyrese aren’t offering any co-op promotional initiatives to comic book stores. I hope I’m wrong about this.

    But are they doing a larger print run for last minute orders? Sending additional or signed copies as an incentive for certain order amounts [i.e. a store order 10 copies, get a free or signed issue]? It’s a big sign of confidence if a publisher is willing to share the risk. For example, Vertigo sold the first issue of The Unwritten for 99 cents.

    Then there are the little things. When he firsted started writing S”tars and Stripes”, Geoff Johns offered a free issue for anyone who sent a SASE to him. I remember Mark Waid or someone else offering a money-back guarantee [excluding shipping costs] for trying out some comic book.

    I’m glad Tyrese is twittering and promoting his comic book. And I hope his fans go visit comic book stores to buy his book and other stuff.

  5. Hey Brian and Chris —

    I hope I didn’t come off as criticizing Brian and his ordering pattern. I agree that ordering even 3 copies of this was a leap, and the lack of preorder interest shows just how much. However, just to clarify, my point is that since the comics shop is the “end user” of the direct sales market, getting a retailer(s) to raise orders is already a success for the Mayhem marketing campaign.

    I also think this “You ordered my comics now it’s your problem to sell them to consumers” system is part of the problem that needs to be addressed by new business models…whatever that is.

    And yeah it’s a lot cheaper and easier to send a tweet or post on a blog than it is to walk into a comics shop and spend $3 or $4 on a comic book. TG and his team need to get people to actually come into stores for sure.

    I guess my interest in this story is mostly the evolution of the celebrity comic — from just signing a licensing deal and walking away (BOB HOPE and JERRY LEWIS) to spearheading a pre-FOC ordering campaign via Twitter. What will they think of next.

  6. What exactly is Gibson’s involvement other than having his name on it and hyping it all over the net?

    From what I’ve two other guys wrote the book and even the character design is based on something Tone Rodriguez came up with years ago and Gibson bogarted it.

    Other than Tyrese taking a tour of Diamond’s LA warehouse, reading some comics and throwing a bowling party, what has he really done to make himself a legit comic creator? Being excited and famous isn’t enough.

  7. Ace:

    No, I didn’t take your thing as criticism — I was responding to JM Ringuet, really.

    Here’s the thing though: I take the postings of roughly 100 people to the other thread as no sign of ANYTHING, commercial-sales-wise. Viral marketing is interesting and all, but it is also something participants can do that isn’t spending cash money to do. I think it is GREAT to motivate people that way, but when they do it in a rah-rah, no content kind of fashion like in that thread… well, it makes me a little itchy.


  8. I agree with most of what Brian has said about the way this book looks and its saleability, but I want to disagree on Sentences (by Percy Carey from Vertiogo) – that’s a great read, kind of like a really good 100 Bullets, except it’s also true.

  9. I ordered 2 copies. I didn’t know who Tyrese was until all this started (didn’t even know he was in Transformers). Zero calls, zero e-mails, zero customers asking for it. If people come busting down my door for it, I’ll gladly reorder more.

    Not holding my breath, mind you.

  10. There are already pre-orders for 10,000 copies of MAYHEM #1, reportedly. Gibson isn’t satisfied with that:

    And here’s the main thing Tyrese needs you to know about Mayhem right now: pre-sales are happening right now via Los Angeles comic store Meltdown Comics. And Tuesday is the day that the publisher and the stores will be taking stock of pre-sales to see exactly how popular this thing is. Mayhem has already pre-sold 10,000 copies, but Tyrese has even bigger goals– “I’ve got 450,000 in mind. 450,000 around the world pre-sold.”

  11. According to Image’s press release, MAYHEM is a three-issue miniseries:

    Tyrese Gibson, the Multi-Platinum selling R&B singer and mega-star behind Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Death Race and 2 Fast 2 Furious, comes full force to comics with ANGEL artist Tone Rodriguez and co-writers Mike Le & William Wilson in August’s three-issue action packed thriller, MAYHEM!

  12. “450,000?
    Is this an ongoing series, or a finite story? ”

    I think it’s an imaginary tale. Or a dream. If you ask me.

  13. Pre orders for 10k huh? 50 bucks says more than 2/3 of that are for meltdown alone. I think most retailers ordered like brian, 3 or less

  14. Remember, kids — the comics industry can defeat practically anyone, not that I’m saying I want it to. Is that Rosario Dawson comic still around? The Shatner stuff? Fox Comics? Virgin? Anything Stan Lee’s had his name on since — god, I dunno. The 70’s?

    Speed bump. Move along. Buy it or don’t. It’ll be a movie with the guy starring as his shoot em’ up character that other people write and draw — or it won’t. Relax. Go read a comic. You’ll feel better. This too, shall pass.

  15. I’ve always wondered– if these celebrities really give a damn about their comics, why the hell don’t they try to use their usual marketing in-roads, i.e. talk shows and entertainment magazines?

    OK, I know Shatner doesn’t really give a damn, but surely geeks like Nic Cage and (apparently) Gibson could have said something one of the times they were on Leno or Letterman or Conan. Hell, even Gerard Way didn’t, but at least he had a strong story that sold well enough in the DM on its own.

  16. Long as you believe in your self dosent matter what others think some ppl love the ideal you create something for people to enjoy trust me some ppl are just haters so get you envenlope ready to address the haters…luv you kp up the gd wrk

  17. There’s only a few BLACK comic book characters. 1)Storm 2)Black Panther 3)War Machine 4)Green Lantern 5)Static Shock 6)Luke Cage 7)Spawn 8)Blade 9)Red Hawk 10) Hancock. Now we welcome MAYHEM!!

  18. Good for you Tyrese!!!!! I’m a comic book lover my self and always look forward to new things. My daughter loves it , she draws everyday hoping to be able to do her own one day . you are an inspiration. Keep up the good work !!!!!

  19. Wow, I never thought one would be looked down upon for 1. Being creative 2. Being a celebrity and venturing out into new fields of business. 3.Promoting a product. Does it matter how a product is promoted? Ami missing something? What did Mary J call it, hatteration?

  20. The comic book, Mayhem, due out August 5th is something im interested in being a part of. Tyrese Gibson is doing something different from the average. that’s my opinion….
    Im buying atleast 5…. peace to Tyrese and all the other supporters who believe in creative content like myself…. Mayhem is a comic book BOTH my daughter and son will own for years to come!

    sign me @ [email protected]

  21. and they gon keep on hatin, as long as you are doing something, somebody will have something to say! I love MAYHEM and would like to illustrate his wifey! Peace Tyrese. From Tychelle and Tyreese Luv ya boo!

  22. Critics are funny! First and foremost, I think that some of you should not criticize a person for pursing what could be a quality product with some longevity. But in order for it to have longevity, you must first be willing to open yourself up and give it a try. I’ve ordered copies! Will you?

    $2.99 makes it more than worth my wild to at least give it a chance.

  23. I think that this will be a success. Tyrese don’t worry about what the so called critics say. Hey be who u are and say what u feel cause those that matter won’t mind and those that mind don’t matter, so YOU DO YOU boo…. much love and success.

  24. Tyrese keep doing you thing. You have come a mighty long way and your success is well deserved. Keep being a positive role model for the youth and striving for greatness.

  25. I think this man is very inspirational.He is showing so many inner city youths that ,you can achieve your goals.Those who hate on ,him shame on YOU.I cant wait to read it.Very proud and keep on keeping on.I want more

  26. Tyrese, Keep up the good work. You market yourself well and you have lots of talent. Your time and energy is too precious to waste it worrying about negative people who are nervous about your success. Stay strong and Focused. Lots of love to you

  27. Who cares how or why people are becoming interested in an old art form? I think it is great that Tyrese can bring a new generation back to the stagnent world of comic books. I have a 17 year old boy who has never in his life wanted anything to do with comics & now all of a sudden he is branching out into a world that is new to him. Props to Tyrese. Everything evolves at some point & it is times comics did the same.

  28. * * * Here’s the deal… celebrity or not, ANYONE is allowed to be passionate about something. And if you have been following Tyrese recently it’s impossible to miss that he’s truly into this.
    Heck, Ty is not likely to get rich off this comic book. Seems to me he’s simply realizing one of his dreams. So don’t hate.
    I pre-ordered my copy of Mayhem already — ONLY because he’s made me so curious about it that I have to see for myself. And isn’t word-of-mouth still the best form of advertisement?!?!

    Oh… and sorry, I only ordered 1 copy, not 3 or a few hundred, but 1 copy is enough since I only have 1 set of eyes. (hehe)

    Tyrese: your fans ❤ you! Keep doing your thing!

    Bee :)

  29. I wonder, do you have to lose any sense of grammar or punctuation style to become a Tyrese Gibson fan?
    People: it’s “you” not “u”. Only Prince is forgiven for this.

  30. I’m wondering if the “haters” are hating because he’s a celebrity or just because? Listen, I believe in him if he believes in it. Why not follow the venture? Get your soul up people and support one another. keep doing your thing Tyrese.

  31. I wonder, do you have to lose any sense of grammar or punctuation style to become a Tyrese Gibson fan?

    People used to using abbreviated text for texting and Twittering tend to do the same when they use e-mail and comment on blogs. That might be unsightly in some ways, but it’s normal.


  32. I feel Tyrese Gibson has made his attempt to connect to his inner child. This comic “Mayhem” is really going to be a big hit with kids. He not only crossed over to capture the minds of children but he has captured and is bringing alot of adults with him. I am looking forward to this cross over (this trip) to adventure. Its really exciting to see Tyrese expand himself wth industriousness. He ver talented or gifted i should say. A father, singer, actor, dancer, a writer but most importantly Tyrese Gibson is a humanist. U go boy..:0)

  33. I think it’s a good thing that Tyrese has created a comic book it will influence the younger black generation & whoever else chooses to read it; he is definitely a multifacted talented man…thanks

  34. I’ll definately support. There arent’ too many young black men doing comics. From what I’ve seen/heard it sounds like Tyrese is passionate about it. Let the people laugh. They laughed at the Wright Bros when they told people they wanted to fly. I say take off on ’em!

  35. BTW, I ordered 15 copies of your comic book to show support. I may need you on my marketing team when I finish my book Tyrese. Your marketing game is TIGHT.

  36. ok. i just purshased me a copy. after i receive it i shall post the outcome of it. as of right now i have been reading some of these comments..including ya’ll the HATERS. I am happy to point out that I support anything positive that comes out of anyone..not just a celebrity. especially from someone who grew up in a bad neighborhood and grew up with a positive mentality to do something about it.. these are the kind of people i admire, i know cause i’ve done the same. it’s very easy to succumb to the negative life style and do IT the negative way. So I slap all you hatters on the side of the face with my new copy of the MAYHEM comic book..haha.

  37. I’ve never orderd a comic book online before but because it was Tyrese promoting it I ordered 2 and a T-shirt to wear to the beauty salon on Saturday’s to advertise for him as well. Tyrese has some loyal fans and we will support him.
    Love ya Tyrese
    Ms. Bond

  38. Here is the answer for a hater….. Pray for them “we” as people hate to see other’s happy because they are miserable. I think you are a very intelligent and strong brother who is living all his life dream’s ….People without goal’s and full of negativity have nothing better to do with there time then to wish for disaster in other peoples life….I will be supporting in Mayhem and it will be very very successful……..Stay blessed Mr. Gibson :-)

  39. I cannot believe the hateration going on here…why knock a man for following his dream??? It’s obvious that he isn’t trying to get rich here (I’m sure he’s made at least a FEW dollars from the hit albums and multiple hit movies LOL) It should be applauded that a young man follows something he is passionate about. His passion is the reason why I’m ordering the comic. One for me and one for my sis. I’ve loved and followed Ty since he got on that bus singing for Coca Cola. Supported him all the way then and will support him on this one too…you go Ty, keep dreaming big and venturing out and you know what..as far as the criticism goes…this too shall pass!!

  40. Chris Douglas,You seemed 2 have forgotten Bishop,Shard,Spike,and some would say Apocalypse In your “FEW” americans of african decent in comics description.I can recall the days when no one believed IMAGE comics would succeed out from the shadow of Marvel.The going Theory was as Chris M&Brian H Stated,That it was all hype & would collect dust on retail shelves.Then The AMAZING Happened, IMAGE comics spread like wildfire.Are U disputing the power of imagination,the very muse that inspires artist & readers alike.Would U extinguish the dreams & fantasies of children and the Child @ Heart? Unless U Have some device that can forsee the exact future(which Ironically would have been created in the same imagination u dispute)Let The people decide on the validity of MAYHEM as a true superhero or villain.Let Them decide if he reigns in their hearts,minds,fantasies and wallets.We should encourage all to read no matter what age,race.creed,or religion.For Reading is Fundamental & If We can rekindle ppl’s interest in comics,It’s a Win-Win For retailers,publishers,artists,writers,parents even society as a whole.I Commend anyone actively pursuing a better,educated world through the Arts.My Admiration,support,energy and assistance goes to Mr.Gibson,A Man,Father,Brother,and fellow nerd/geek who dares with such an ambitious,relentless Spirit to confront mainstream media,For That is pricessless. I Will spend My Money Happily On Every MAYHEM issue.

  41. I don`t see why Tyrese is getting such negativity… I know if I had a comic about myself I would promote the hell out of it too. He is just in a better position to get it out there than some others. You can`t fault him for being famous. Who says that someone has to stick to one craft? He has already proven himself a talented singer and actor I guess you can just stand by and watch him climb the comic ladder too. He has my full support I can`t wait to read it or to see Luke Cage. Tyrese keep doing you.

  42. i have to say as a follower of tyrese that he has “beat the pavement” pushing mayhem. twitter is not a tool only for famous people. anybody can get on twitter and use it to their advantage which is exactly what he’s done. he. himself is making it happen. i would think that anyone making a market bigger:especially now would be happy. and when you read what tyrese is saying, you can feel the excitement coming from him. if you doubt, follow him on twitter and you’ll feel it to. and thats just one of the things he’s doing now. no matter what he’s talking about, it leaves you with that damn, i need to do something feeling. meaning he motivates people in a positive all the time. and i’ve never read a comic book. but i will now. so far he’s amazed many people with his talent and diverity. he can do it all!!! and so sexy!

  43. I’m loving the PTAs [Public Tweets of Affection*] by the Tyrese fans.

    As a positive suggestion, I think people advance ordering the Mayhem comic book should give a shout out to which comic book store they’re buying it from, along with contact info [a website] and the number of copies they’re buying. Hopefully, that will disprove all the “haters” and drive some business to the comic book stores supporting Mayhem.

    * “Public Tweets of Affection” is a term copyrighted and trademarked by akachris productions.

  44. I have never been into comic books, but I would be willing to go out and get this just to support. Who knows? I could be converted.

  45. I have never ever ever ordered a single comic before in my life, I just put my order, and will probably order more for the rest of the fam,. Tyrese, do your thing, You have strong supporters behind you FULL FORCE!!!

  46. Im so excited about mayhem cause tyrese does not do half assed jobs.I used to buy comic books when i was younger,and thus far the plot for mayhem,and the art is pretty interesting.I already brought the shirt and book ( ive also been calling every week to see how the presales are going just in case i have to order more.If you didnt order your copy yet your a loser.put a little bit of mayhem in your life


  48. I beg to differ with some of the not-so-nice comments relating to the promotion and sales of Mayhem. I personally bought 26 copies. I am about ready to buy 26 more. Here is a positive man out here trying to do something other mediocrity and people shit on him. Support the brother! Just because your comic didn’t sell or some other “minor” celebrity failed miserably at the task. The vibe I get from Tyrese is that he is geniunely interested in the comic world itself. Hell, he’s single handedly introduced most of the female population to the world of comics. I grew up on comics as my father collected them, but african american super hero’s were far, few and between… so this is TRULY a breath of fresh air in 2009.. Now if only we can get a hip, sexy, black super hero on his side (other than storm) we might have something here! Bottomline, he is making believers out of non-believers and I wish him all the success in the world!

  49. FIRST commercials,singing, acting, NOW COMICS!!!! Tyrese Gibson has truely become an entrepreneur in the making. GO!!!!!

  50. Everything that Tyrese touches turns into gold. He is a great actor, sexy model, GREAT singer, so I’m not surprise of this comic success. I can tell you, personally, I’m putting in my order for 10 copies. Not only cuz I love his work, ALL he Does, but cuz Ima support him all the way!! I love you T!!

  51. I think that he is a multi faceteted artist that puts in as much work needed to make it a success.. I dont like comments but have purchased one specifically because he deemed it as important to him and as him being a genuine person and kindly asking on twitter for us to purchase i did.. besides 1.99 wont break my pocket in order to help a fellow african american who’s doing the right thing..

  52. Hey! Lay off Tyrese. If the man wants to make a comic, let him. If there is any industry in need of diversity it’s the comicbook industry.

  53. Wow…are we really down talking someone because he is going agianst the grain and doing something he is passion about…really?? Forget that he could have followed the rest of the clebes and done everything that has already been done before and then you would be hating on him for that too. If you knew anything about Tyrese you would know he has been a comic book fan…and to wonder why he would want to be apart of it…shows your own stupidity. I am personally proud he is doing some artistic and new…it’s refeshing and I for one will be enjoying my copy. And to HATE on some one cause they have GOALS for their project…just shows how sad your little perspective is….Open your mind, free your hateration…and enjoy an awesome comic by an artist trying to share another part of his passion with you….


  55. I just spoke with my 15 year old son about hosting a Mayhem party at our house for him and his friends we are going to support you all the way on this one Mr. Gibson. Much love, Meko

  56. Eventhough I am not a comic book fan, Tyrese Gibson has undoubtley gained the attention of many people behind his marketing efforts through various outlets. Mayhem should receive much success due to the passion that is felt when he talks about this project. Only people who believe in what they do get their message heard and as a Publicist out in LA, you have to repect that!

    New MAYHEM fan,
    Shayla (twitter/PRissyShayla, [email protected])

  57. Tyrese, hun, I believe that you are doing a wonderful thing. Don’t worry about those that doubt you, all the greatest have been… Although lately, I have not been as into comics as I used to be, Tyrese has triggered an interest in me. I have and always will be supportive of Tyrese and those movements he makes in the world.

    To all true fans of comics, what difference does it make of who is promoting or endorsing a comic. The fact that people are interested in something new kind of gives you a chance to show what the big deal about comics are. I know that I personally love poetry and writing and any chance I get to share my passion with others I grasp it and show those interested what they have been missing. Stop hating and give this man a chance. Wouldn’t you want someone to do the same for you?


  59. I have pre-ordered 10 copies of MAYHEM for family, friends, and of course myself and I will probably order more. I love all the haters because they are just doing more promotion for MAYHEM! Tyrese has so many loyal fans who will support him and it’s not just because he’s a celebrity. If you have been following Tyrese you love him because you know he loves you. Yes he’s an amazing artist and actor but it’s the way he loves and supports his fans that will make them support MAYHEM.

  60. Tyrese is a multi-talented individual. I think if he wants to branch off and try different things I think thats great. Listen if you look at what he has done in both the world of music and film I know Mayhem is going to be a hit. I am so excited about this. You can tell from this thoughts that he shares with us his fans you can tell this project means a lot to him. I can’t wait to support him not only on this project but in everything he does in life. I have already placed my order. Tyrese is one special and talented individual. Much luv Tyrese!!

  61. I’m new to the comic world. However, I thought it was brilliant for Tyrese to expand his outlet of being a singer/songwriter/actor. That’s how we creative ppl are. I wish people would stop trying to put everyone in a box!!! What happen to recognizing someone’s passion! Nooo! Its a shame we still have crabs in a bucket! Soooo what if he twitters with his fans and people who respet and admire the work he does. It shows us he’s human, original, he works for what he wants and nothing comes easy in life!

    What? Should we wait until he’s gone before he knows how much we appreciate and love his talent!!! Get off his back and get a backbone of your own! He introduced me to the comic world! Why wouldn’t you want another stream of followers supporting the Comic industry??? Wake up!!! This might be your way out of the bucket! Did you think about that? God has a way of bringing people into your life to help you too. Quit being so judgemental and closed minded! He thought enough of this company to partner with them and help your business. And they have the nerve to limit the growth of business and money to make?! Wow!! Who has the problem here?? Tyrese If need a sexy black female super hero. Holla at me! My chic is fierce!

  62. Stop being so hard on Tyrese for wanting to follow one of his passions. I use to read & still have my comic books from my childhood ( ie: Archies, Quincy, Thor,& Bionic Woman to name a few) but have not really been interested until now. So I look forward to my delivery of Mayhem & how about you wait for the product before being so critical? As for twitter, it’s for everyone. Join & look me up! Tyrese…Muah! MAYHEM…






  64. Tyrese is promoting his material just like everyone else… And it sum1 preorders 50 copies then that’s their business… If u r a loyal fan of his u wud preorder copies also… I think wat he is doing is fine cuz he wants his fans to see how talented he is… He went from singing a coca-cola commercial to a singing career to acting and now he has a comic book!!! I say GO BOY!!! U doing da damn thang!!!

  65. I think its a good idea– not really sure how well it will do particularly given the tough market. But then again, the only dreams worth dreaming r the ones that 2 others may look ridiculous. No media stays in cirulation based solely on intention (ie the fact that he’s black and trying to do something positive). The real test will be sustained readership thru the three issue series– and the next level (cuz I KNOW there is one)– tv show/movie/an album would be nice. Good luck though and continued success, Gibson. PS: You’ve come a long way since ur Coca-Cola days :) but I’m sure u hear that ALL the time…

  66. I support Mayhem because we need more comic book heroes that represent the World.. Not one particular race…

    The Character I find to be very unique…

    Open up your minds and lets turn the page of old comic book heroes…

    Time for some new ones! especially of color.

  67. I think that it is great to hear all about Tyrese’s comic book. If you do something that you are proud of then you should promote it all you want no matter what anybody else says. I think you shoud just go and do your thing Tyrese!!!!!


  69. I’m new to Mayhem (I only have mayhem in my personal life-lol). I will have to look closer at it and see if it is appropriate for my 8 year olds. I am inspired by the idea of it.

  70. Ifollow Tyrese on twitter,(I’m jbev35) I have been a big fan of his since his commercial debut.Tyrese is a very talented young man. He is living proof that anything is possible.He works hard and he never gives up. I will continue to support him in all of his endeavors. Mayhem will be in my household! Do your thing Tyrese! Much love!!

  71. We shall see that no matter what his marketing is working once those presale numbers come in. Good luck I bought 5 for every young boy in my fam.

  72. First of all if you are involved in a project, my hopes would be that you want everyone to check it out. It is good that he is bringing attention to it because obviously he is proud of it. I never listen to reviews i check things out for myself and then make a decision on whether to embrace it or shelve it based on what i think about it. It would be very ignorant of people to not check out the magazine just because it is backed by Tyrese. The movies he has been in have all been fruitful so lets hope it works for the comic book as well. Besides why pay for press when u can announce things for free. Some people check social networks such as twitter,myspace,facebook more often than going to big news outlets to find out whats going on anyway.

  73. From the comments that I have read it’s true all have in one way or another something to say but in the thing is this a person can say what they like but unless they carry something on them that says their name is God, Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ yhey do not carry the right to judge another human being for the work that they do or try to do. I am speaking as a person and not as a fan cuz I have and still do work with celebs, Tyrese has done a lot in his life and made many things happen, this is just one more thing in a long line accomplishments so instead of trying to grag him dow why don’t you take the time and stand with him.

  74. This is very ingenious! I can appreciate someone who doesn’t wait for things to happen, but takes the initiative to do it themselves. Tyrese congratulations!!! This is inspirational for those who think that they have to limit their achievements to fit society’s norm. I love it…

  75. I do support Tyrese 100% in what he is doing and I will take a chapter from his book…. He has an idea and a vision, he is putting it to work and we as a people should support each other in our ventures… me personally, I dont read comics but I will try this one, afterall there is always a first time for everything. Yess it is marketing and strategizing but isnt that how the world operates. We cannot knock him for pursuing a dream. Alot of us have ideas, get up and put your ideas into play… Tyrese told us that once, “if you got an idea, put it into play you never know where trying it will get you. This is a business world we need to be open minded to different things and different approaches. Stop tearing the man down, take the time to understand him and open your minds to something refreshing…. “Mayhem” is big, big for us and big for him, please stop being negative let’s try and get the positivity flowing here people…. I believe in my heart of hearts that Tyrese is an amazing person with good qualities and a humble personality, support him in his endeavors because when you put your idea to work you are gonna want the same celebrities you talk trash about to support you…. Peace out and Jah bless!!!!

  76. Wow, what a discussion!

    A couple years ago, I purchased a few old 1981 Marvel Daredevil comic books from a garage sale (.50 cents face value complete with protective sleeves). No longer of value to the previous owner, they are now intrinsically valuable to me: these comics were purchased to spark my “very young” son’s interest in reading and/or collecting, in general!

    Now, I am once again adding to his arsenal with Mayhem. Artisticly speaking, I am grateful for Mayhem and look forward to its August delivery.

    Hooray for Mayhem!

  77. Tyrese is an extremely talented individual. The fact that he has accomplished so much in his life professionally with his carreer and personally by still remaining an amazing father. Yet still he thrives to follow his heart… Thinking outside “the Box”… And try something new. I view this as Admirable. Tyrese has a creative soul who followed his heart and did something he wanted to do. We could all learn from this.There’s always critics in everything anyone of us as people do. I have a feeling however that Tyrese’s fan base with be much larger then this…

  78. Tyrese can do it all! I tell ya he’s the whole package from great acting, amazing singer and now this. & the whole thing how he puts himself and his thoughts out there for his fans! He’s the real deal. I heart him. He’s sucha good example and he just follows and pursues his dreams no matter what…I cant wait to get this comic book. I never was into comics but I love what tyrese is about and i want to get more into his imagination!! so thank you tyrese for being you. Hes got gofts and he definitely does gods work!

  79. i have pre-order my copy of Mayhem. i am in full support of a black man doing something positive. i purchased the comic 4 my son. To those that don’t read them personally purchase one 4 ur nephew, son, or someone u know will love comics as a gift.
    if you have pre ordered ur copy of Mayhem reply 2 this message.
    Keep up the good work @Tyrese!

    Place ur order at http://buymayhem.com


  81. I got the 2nd group of 5 in on the VERY first day of Pre-Sale! We locked the system UP! Being somewhat of a Comic vet, I am SO EXCITED for what Tyrese is bringing to our world! He is fresh, new and REAL! He cares about what he is giving to us and is more excited than anyone else I have ever scene releasing a new book! THIS IS THE NEW BEGINNING and the Start of MANY Great things! I am SO excited for the 2nd Issue and I haven’t had my hands on the first! Tyrese KEEP PUSHING! You are an inspiration to us all. ANY Haters need to step back and evaluate themselve to see what they are lacking, if trying to bring THIS GREAT NEW VENTURE DOWN! Peace, Love and Respect!!! (TWUGS)

  82. On a side note, to all who are showing their narrow minds to the FULLEST!
    How long have so many apressed groups FAUGHT to be accepted.
    From the Dweebs, to Nerds and Geeks! Why does anyone forget that READING if the MOST important thing EVERY.
    Tyrese is doing an awesome things by bringing ALL of his supporters(THANK YOU TWITTER) together to see that Comics are FREAKING COOL!!!! Keep bridging the gaps and brightening our FUTURE!

  83. I believe that the “critics” will be silenced next week when the pre-sale order numbers come out. MAYHEM is bringing an entire NEW audience into the comic book realm. It shouldn’t matter that it is a “celebrity” doing it or how he’s doing it but just the simple fact that he is doing it. There is a clear passion and newness to this for Mr Gibson and I will definitely support him in this new endeavor. He is marketing the best way he knows how and I don’t understand the logic behind all of the criticism…only time will tell. Kudos to MAYHEM. Best of luck to TYRESE for stepping out of his comfort zone and trying something refreshing and of the norm and not only for himself but for his fans as well! He will conquer this “not so accepting”, harsh and “so quick to pass judgement” world of comic books and make his name known just as he has done in other genres throughout his career. Brave move Tyrese, way to EXPAND your horizons :o)

  84. Success or failure will speak for its self. I applaud his efforts to broaden his horizons, and I welcome another superhero of color. That being said, one must put in the work in order to make anything new a success. If he believes in it, he will work hard. He will never know how well it can do if he listens to naysayers. Don’t let negativity stop you, Tyrese. People are allowed to have their opinions, it’s up to you to establish yourself.

  85. …just waitin on my copy of MAYHEM to arrive..in the meanwhile i be slapping ya’ll hatters on the other side of the head…and because of yall he’s gonna sell the heck out these comics…LUV YA!

  86. I have followed Tyrese’s career since he was a teenager singing on a bus about some soda. I used to love that commercial. I remember when he got ready to drop his first single people doubted him. They figured he couldn’t really do it. It is a long way from singing in a commercial to selling albums. Guess what, he’s a multi-platinum artist. He’s more than surpassed all expectation in the music industry. Just when we started getting comfortable with his music he ventures off into movies. The critics were at it again. It’s typically very difficult for a musician to crossover successfully into film. Yet virtually every project he’s worked on has been a tremendous success making him a very marketable actor as well. Now maybe that’s because he has great talent or maybe it’s because he knows how to pick a great project. I tend to think it’s a bit of both. I have never seen him throw himself into a project like he has with Mayhem. The constant promoting even while he’s promoting his new mega movie is admirable. I’ve seen him on talk shows plugging his book. I’ve watched him courtside on nationally televised playoff games wearing ii Mayhem shirts. Even singing the National Anthem wearing one. If that’s not putting your all into it then I don’t know what is. I know he could make more money doing another movie or releasing another movie but he is PASSIONATE about this book. That passion is what made me order my copies. Yes plural. I’ll be using them as stocking stuffers this christmas. If you’ve read the book, which none of up has just yet, and didn’t like it that’s one thing. But don’t discredit the man for trying something different. He could be in a strip club somewhere throwing his money away like half the clowns out there. He’s expanding his fan base and taking on new ventures that seem to be a bigger risk when he could so easily just keep up the work he’s already more than established himself in. He’s tireless and determined to make this a success. He has not only my support but respect. With that…Love circle out!

  87. And please don’t take my grammatical errors as a sign of illiteracy. I’m typing on my phone and in a hurry! Get past the mistakes that may have been in my posting and hear the message.

  88. Is Brian Hibbs wondering if he should have ordered more copies?
    Oh no, I think he prefers to sell comics to the GENERAL PUBLIC, meaning the 150,000 people in North America who buy superhero comics on a regular basis.
    On the other hand I don’t know anything about running a comic shop in the first place so I should not run my mouth, but it just wrecks me that every single time somebody is trying to bring new readers to comics they are being shut down by mostly distribution and sales system, that is Diamond and your friendly LCS.
    That has gotta change and it’s going to change. There are a lot of untapped readers out there (as manga translations clearly show).

  89. Comic shops order what they think they can sell. Two months ago, Hibbs and every other comic retailer sat down and said, “How many of these can I sell?” Based on his knowledge, he ordered three. That’s all he believes his customers will buy. I’m sure Meltdown will move several thousand copies. Most stores probably ordered like Hibbs did. The store I used to work at probably ordered 50, as we could sell that many of any Image book.

    Ultimately Hibbs, and every other comic shop owner, acts in his own best interest. If Hibbs doesn’t think he can sell more than three copies, he won’t order them. The only thing that will make him change his mind is customer response. Note that the people buying Mayhem from him over the phone aren’t local to him, and probably won’t ever come into his store and buy anything. Those 191 copies are free money for him.

  90. Hey JM, I get your frustration and I can tell you that as a comic retailer, I share it (and I think Brian does too).

    One of the biggest challenges in this industry is getting Creative, Distribution and Retail to pull in the same direction. Unfortunately as it seems here, each of those groups tends to make their decisions in a vaccuum and then just scratches their head when the other players aren’t grateful.

    I can tell you as one of the largest retailers in San Diego, I have had NO phone calls or customer comments about the book, even after handing out post cards about the book. Maybe our customer base doesn’t know Tyrese’s music or aren’t Transformers fans so in this case we do need to see evidence that TG fans are willing to step into a comic shop for the series.

    Would I turn down a few hundred mail order sales, no but like Brian, I’m way more interested in having folks buy local and TG should be too. Moving 10k through one store is nice but having the book on the rack in 1,000+ stores will get it more eyeballs and allow anyone who visits one of those shops to discover Mayhem. It also shows those shops that their may be a new younger customer demographic they should pay attention to in the same way that books like Squee and Lenore or Manga did in years past.

    Also understand that unlike books and records, comic retailers buy comics without the ability to return what doesn’t sell AND for the most part do so without any of the promotion, marketing and tour support that those industries get.

    Publishers and creators who want big sales have to come up with other ways to generate/motivate fans to actually show retailers there is a demand for the work 3-8 weeks before shipping (when we actually order the book) and/or ensure that there is an adequate supply for reorders if it proves buzzworthy after shipping.

    Having friends and family order a few hundred copies, having a few hundred fans twitter or even selling a few thousand of a variant edition only available from one store, is not going to move the needle enough to get the rest of the retail chain to invest in this series which is what it will need to succeed.

    So I’d ask that folks like yourself, who really appreciate Tyrese and want this series to succeed, use every tool in your arsenal to ask his fans to actually go into their local comic shop and ask about the book (or better yet leave a deposit). Show those people who have thousands of other titles to stock, why they really need to be paying attention to Mayhem.

    The most established, best selling comics with recognizable characters and rabid fan base sell around 80-100k, meaning that Mayhem will not have much chance of hitting those numbers or bettering them with out his fans showing up.