With a small notice in the St. Louis Post Dispatch one of the epic lawsuits of our time had its final, anti-climactic chapter:

After seeing his first award of $24.5 million tossed out, and a subsequent one of $15 million upheld, former St. Louis Blues enforcer Tony Twist has settled for $5 million in a suit over his depiction in a comic strip.

The settlement between Twist and insurance companies for Todd McFarlane Productions Inc. was approved in bankruptcy court in Arizona. The law firm of Blitz Bardgett & Deutsch represented Twist.

Twist sued McFarlane over the latter’s use of a character named “Tony Twist” as a villain in SPAWN. Although some judges along the way ruled that there was little chance any reasonable person would mistake the comics character for the real life person, hockey-loving McFarlane’s admission that he had indeed based the character on Twist seemed persuasive against himself.