The Beat definitely lapsed into blog-silence this holiday weekend, but it was for a very good cause — the ongoing re-shelving and organization of our Hoarders-like graphic novel library. While we had the idea of the end result being the comics equivalent of Cribs — a Shelf Porn pictorial — we realized that releasing too much information about Stately Beat Manor’s ultra-high end layout and design would cause a national security breach that would make the Salahi Incident shrivel to insignificance. So alas, it must dwell only in the imagination.

However we can share the satisfaction of finally uniting so many brethren at long last — all the LOVE & ROCKETS collections in order, the works of Kyle Baker and Rick Veitch united in orderly fashion, Adrian Tomine and Tom Hart sections, Carol Tyler and Carol Swain, House properly shelved with Jessica Farm, and so on. Truly a majestic feeling.

The engine of this renaissance? Of course, it is the mighty Expedit:

The holy grail of pack rats everywhere, this warhorse mixes strong design (the square!) with function, making an essential tool for those who can’t throw things out. Its sturdy components enabled an organizational plan of equal utilitarian simplicity. Finally, all the books about comics in one cube; sweet Euro comics — from Mattotti to Depuy and Berberian to Blaine — in another; one cube for Ellis, Morrison and Moore, one for the good manga.

Of course, there were some troubling gaps that were discovered along the way. How did we manage to miss so many volumes of Iron Wok Jan? Why do we not own SCOTT PILGRIM 4? (Must have read it in galleys — to t’ Borders wit’ ye!) And so on.

As our twitter followers also know, we learned some basics of construction along the way. When assembling Ikea furniture, do not put a peg where a screw is supposed to go. In case such a thing happens, it is good to have a drill handy. Preferably a drill that has been properly charged. Also, watching the James Bond marathon on whatever channel is running it this year is a good way to kill time while you wait for the drill to charge. That kind of thing. And, you know, bring a towel.

Pos-It Jr-04

We made some wonderful rediscoveries along the way. How could we ever forget Steven Weissman, whose post it is posted above.) Or NON #5 — a silk screened cardboard-boxed anthology companion to KRAMERS ERGOT. Or CASTLE WAITING. Or …so much good stuff. I love comics! Yo dawg! A lot of reading to do over the holidays.

Special props to Future Mr. Beat who labored mightily to enable all this to compass.


  1. My Acme metal futon finally collapsed after 12 years. After some research, I discovered the Tromso metal loft bed at a very reasonable price. So I took the shuttle to IkeaLand Sunday and walked the floor twice, plotting possibilities. (A flat $99 delivery fee encourages bulk buying… I shall return with my tax refund next year.)

    The Expedit is quite versatile, although it has no back. Drawers, doors, and boxes fit the cubicles, and there is even a desk which attaches.

    However, the Billy shelves would be a better fit, with adjustable shelves, various widths and colors, and even glass doors for that professional library feel. (Shelf erotica, not shelf porn…)

  2. Here’s the only problem with the Expedit — once it’s built, moving it to another home is an unwieldy, frustrating process. The unit is unsteady as a single piece and must either be disassembled or carried by four-five sturdy folk. We had one in our apartment which was a joy for organization but when we moved to our house, we gave up and left it for the next tenants. Now my books are still in boxes. Alas.

  3. I feel Neil’s pain … 90% of my thousands of books (upwards of 10,000 estimated) are in boxes and have been since summer 2002. We’ve been in the current house since 2004, and now I’m boxing even more stuff (mostly comics and gns) because I have NO shelf space left. And that’s after buying 3 more units.

  4. I was lucky enough to have a previous tenant leave me a 5 x 5 Expedit. I have it away from a wall, so I can access both sides. One side holds comics, and the other side my prose books…. each shelf does double duty. Thank you, Sweden.

  5. always seen NON as more a precurser to Ergot than a companion; but given the crazy amount of money i spent on buying the series a few years ago, i’m jealous of people who stumble across it in their own homes

  6. Damn!! I wanna see your shelf porn Heidi!! :D

    And, I was all for your Expedit, untill I learned it was an Ikea!! My dreaded enemy!! O.O

    I find some of the cheaper shelves from Target to be a good way for me and my books now. :)

  7. Interesting … I was at IKEA this past Black Friday, where I settled on the inexpensive LACK coffee table. I have wrestled with this clutter/collection problem before. Lately I’m winning … the solution … stop buying books for a few months, weed out the ones you no longer want … then ELIMINITE CLUTTER. It took nearly a year, but now my apartment is mildy messy, as opposed to the previous storage unit/landfill appearance.

    IKEA’s furniture is giving me wonderful ideas on displaying comic-related toys and busts …

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