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Yesterday the great Al Jaffee turned 95. He’s been contributing to Mad Magazine for a mere 61 years as the master of the “Fold-In,” a few of which are presented below. Still active and charming as ever, Mr. Jaffee is one of the few people who can genuinely be said to speak with a “stentorian” presence, and I would just sit and listen to him read the phone book.

Already a member of the Eisner Hall of Fame, and the Reuben Award winner in 2008, thid year he’ll be presented with the Medal of Honor from the National Cartoonists Society.

It’s safe to say that Mr. Jaffee is one of the greatest living cartoonists and a national treasure. If you ever get the chance to see him in person, don’t miss it!
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535 Fold-In Folded.jpg

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  1. Happy Birthday, Mr. Jaffee. I’ve enjoyed your work for decades. Besides the Mad fold-ins, Al also did quite a number of “Snappy Answers To Stupid Questions”, which I always thought were downright hilarious.

    Once again, Happy 95th, sir!

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