200805090121Dan Barlow sends word of a spring tour for this New England cartoon collective–frankly we didn’t know there were two conventions in New Hampshire alone!

The Trees & Hills comics group will celebrate the end of a long winter this year by hitting the road for a spring tour.

The 2008 SPRING THAW TOUR features the debut of several new comics by members of Trees & Hills – a social cartooning group for creators in Vermont, New Hampshire and western Massachusetts – and a chance to meet with local comic fans and other creators.

Trees & Hills members will appear at two conventions in New Hampshire in May before trekking out to New York City for the MoCCA festival in June.

First up is the Granite State Comicon in Manchester, N.H. on May 18. Trees & Hills co-founders Dan Barlow and Colin Tedford will be on hand for the event while Mimi’s Doughnuts creator Marek Bennett leads the crowd in a massive comics jam

That convention also features the debut of $ELL OUTS #1 written by Barlow and Keith Moriarty, with interior art by Tim Hulsizer and a cover by Greg Giordano, the Burlington, Vt. artist who turned heads with last year’s Trees & Hills’ NEW STARS anthology cover. Tedford will also unveil his new comic, FOUR DAYS.

Up next is Broke: An Affordable Arts Fair in Peterborough, N.H. on May 31. In addition to scores of comics by local creators, Trees & Hills will also be giving away copies of the first two installments of TWIG, a new monthly comics flyer that debuted in April.

Finally, Trees & Hills will return to the MoCCA Arts Festival for a second year in a row. The group will debut its latest anthology – SWINGIN’ HITS – a new book that features comics about music by creators from across the three states. The comic will also come with a free CD of songs by local creators!

Also debuting at that show will be MIMI’S DOUGHNUTS #15 by Bennett, BOOTY #21 by Anne Thalheimer and SQUARE DANCE #3 by Tedford.

The premiere social cartooning group for Vermont, New Hampshire and western Massachusetts, Trees & Hills comics formed in late 2005 after several regional creators met at a 24-Hour Comic event in Brattleboro, Vt. The group is open to all creators of any age or talent.

Since then, the group organized dozens of cartooning parties, published three anthologies of new cartoons and comics and helped give a voice to scores of talented creators from across New England. Major projects this year include launching a free monthly comics flyer and two new comics anthologies.

For more information, please visit www.treesandhills.org