Transmission-X the Canadian web comic consortium has announced even more improvements, now including a monthly video broadcast. (Above, THE ABOMINABLE by Karl Kerschl.)

In addition to its daily schedule of free comic strips, Toronto-based webcomics collective Transmission-X is set to launch a weekly video broadcast, entitled TX-TV, beginning Friday September 28 on YouTube and iTunes. TX-TV will present the creative professionals of the Transmission-X collective in candid situations as they struggle to conceive and assemble their comic strips while balancing industry commitments and a fiery studio group dynamic.

Each episode will run approximately 5 minutes in length and will spotlight Transmission-X strips, in-studio creative struggles, round-table discussions, comic con footage and more, and feature all the members of the Transmission-X collective and guest professionals from throughout the comic book industry.

TX-TV will be available to watch on the Transmission-X Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/transmissionxcomics) and for download from www.transmission-x.com in several formats and resolutions, including versions optimized for iPod and hi-res AppleTV (720P). Subscriptions will be available through YouTube.com and the Apple iTunes Music Store.

TX-TV is created and produced by Brenden Fletcher, formerly of the award-winning podcast “The Horcast”.