The new trailer for TOY STORY 3. Look for a special cameo in the trailer.

Some people are already wondering if this can do AVATAR numbers. Well, if they charge $3-5 “3D fees,” I guess it’s possible.


  1. Avatar numbers? No… Unlikely. (No midnight showing demand, no repeat viewing, no greatest-thing-since-sliced-bread hype.) $500 Million worldwide? Oh yeah.

    I have no problem paying extra for 3-D glasses, just as I have no problem paying extra for IMAX films.

    Ooooh… does this mean that the animated short will be in 3-D?

  2. So, what’s this special cameo? I watched it twice, and I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Ken and Barbie?

  3. I wouldn’t call Ken and Barbie “cameos,” since they both have speaking parts.

    I was referring to the “international” character. Check the scene when Woody is on the computer.