Monday started with the Mattel breakfast, and while the food was much appreciated, the showroom was not as amazing as last year.  Still, you can read my post regarding what I saw there.

The rest of Monday:


Ravensberger was demonstrating their new marble construction kit.
They’re best known for their puzzles. Some of which are licensed! Coming soon, a 40,000-piece puzzle commemorating 90 years of Mickey Mouse!

Good Smile

Good Smile’s Nendoroids cost a bit more than other vinyl figurines (~$45), but come with multiple accessories. The number on the box is the series number… it’s up to at least 900!


Outset Media


…and then I saw this.

Andrés Forero, drummer from the Hamilton orchestra, on a Hohner drum kit.


NJ Croce Co., Inc.

Elope, Inc.

Banbao Concepts Limited

They were an unexpected discovery last year. This year, there is an American distributor, but with only a few sets selected.  The Canadian division adds mini-kits and [blind] bags of selected mini-figs.
Peanuts really doesn’t encourage imaginations… the main characters are kinda blah. Snoopy, on the other hand… that’s what I’d concentrate on.


Diamond Select Toys

TRON enters Kingdom Hearts.

Part of The New Teen Titans #1 cover recreation.

An unwritten Batman design from Gerard Way!

The Joker, designed by seven-time Oscar winner Rick Baker!
Would this make a cool Halloween mask?

ReAction (Funko)

ICUP, Inc.

My Arcade

My Arcade offers a variety of replica arcade machines, as well as multi-game handhelds.  BurgerTime played well (even if I didn’t).  $30 retail.

Namco licensees!

PhatMojo Inc.

No photos here, as they were still pending approval for DuckTales figures! Yeah… the new series! Figures and playsets, launching next Summer.