Oc Rachel Bilson 04Wndrwoman Sot

‘The O.C.’ star Rachel Bilson is reportedly set to play Wonder Woman in the new comic book movie.

The brunette actress – best known for playing ditzy Summer Roberts in the hit teen series – will don the famous starred hot pants and wield her gold whip in the film.

Bilson has already proved her suitability for the iconic part, after she donned a Wonder Woman outfit for a sexy seduction scene in ‘The O.C.’.

A host of Hollywood stars had been tipped for the role, including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Cameron Diaz and ‘Van Helsing’ actress Kate Beckinsale, who turned down the part saying she “did not want to embarrass her daughter” by wearing the revealing outfit.


  1. Wait…did they say “gold whip”?

    Oh, Jeebus, I just about shot coffee out of my nose laughing, picturing that trainwreck. Pretty sure that’s not actually happening (the whip part, anyway), but man.

  2. Like an infinite number of monkeys on typewriters, given enough time every single actress will be rumored to be casted as Wonder Woman. Meawnwhile back in reality,Whedon keeps mentioning in interviews that he won’t start casting until the script is finished.