233977958 A1Fccf6312Everyone is wrapping up the Great Canadian Comics War. Sequential leads the pack:

Well, the convention everyone loves to hate, Hobbystar’s Fan Expo, happened over the past weekend. Among all the news about minor Hollywood celebrities, horror movies, anime, and science fiction television there is some actual comics-related news out there. Of course, since “good news is no news,” the negative comments lead. I’m sure many of the pros and fans who made it to Toronto have some good experiences to report, and we will dutifully try to link to those reports, but for now, the bad news:

Go to the link for the full story, but Daryl Collison’s comments at Stop Hobbystar are worth quoting in full:

ALREADY there are rumors running around about what is going to happen next. If you were at the Hobbystar show, you got to read the ‘application’ for space at the 2007 show. In which we were informed that we are not guaranteed space for next year and a representative will call us. I of course have misgivings about this statement, but as I said, I am not here to stir the pot.

Recently there have been some ‘behind the scenes’ talk about what can be done to fix the situation that has so many of us still up in arms and wondering about our futures at the shows.

OmegaflightThere was apparently a little bit of late summer news announced, like ALL-STAR BATGIRL, a new comic by Geoff Johns — finally! — although we like the idea of JG Jones drawing a sort-of regular book again, and an OMEGA FLIGHT book by Mike Oeming and Scott Kolins which has a pretty nice cover.

We’re still in catch-up mode here, so detailed analysis must wait, although we feel the painof this non-industry writer who was denied precious access to William Shatner.

Oh and here is Jamie Coville’s Flickr photostream, from which we stole the Trekker.