Mel Caylo Press PhotoFilling the void left by Filip Sablik‘s rise to Publisher, former Wizard Editorial Director Mel Caylo has been named the new Top Cow VP of Marketing and Sales:

Top Cow Productions is proud to welcome a new addition to its staff. Mel Caylo has assumed the role of Vice President of Marketing & Sales, where he will take over for Filip Sablik, who has been promoted to Publisher. Caylo will develop and implement large-scale marketing, advertising, and promotional efforts, working closely with Top Cow’s promotional partners. He will be heavily involved with Top Cow’s trade and consumer show presence, developing Top Cow’s website and weekly “Moosletter,” and become the primary contact point for retailers and press.

“Mel was a great guy to work with when I knew him at Wizard Entertainment,” said Top Cow President Matt Hawkins. “I really liked his energy and he had such an infectious personality. He’s someone I could trust and he’s always been a big cheerleader for our product. When I heard he was available, I immediately sought to add him to our team.”

Caylo served as the Editorial Director at Wizard Entertainment from 2004 to 2007, where he forged, nurtured and strengthened relationships with numerous individuals and companies not only in the comic book industry, but in the movie, television and home video fields as well. He previously worked at Wizard from 1998-2002 where he started out as a copy editor and rose to the position of managing editor before leaving to try his hand at his own business. As a longtime member of the comic book press, Caylo brings with him an understanding of and familiarity with the industry that he intends to use to continue Top Cow’s reputation as a cutting-edge publisher and entertainment powerhouse.

“I have followed Top Cow ever since it was founded by Marc Silvestri in 1992, and I have long admired how it has continued to put out such great product in the face of fierce competition,” Caylo remarked. “That is a great testament to the talented people who work there, and I cannot wait to join the team. I look forward to helping put the word out about Top Cow’s tradition of excellence, especially with the exciting projects they have lined up ahead and the ‘Wanted’ movie coming in the summer!”


  1. Hooray indeed! Mel is not only one of the nicest guys in comics, but one of the nicest human beings to walk the earth. Which is why I and my corporate overlords are sending him the Topless Robot Congratulatory Gift Basket (first in a series), including:

    • A tin robot
    • A pen where the lady takes off her clothes
    • A 1-liter bottle of Cutty Sark scotch
    • An issue of “The Sire,” with 9.8 CCG grade

    Congrats, Mel.