This week’s top comics to buy for October 19, 2022, is all killer no filler. Getting into the top five was super competitive, and I had to make a number of hard cuts. But what we’ve got is a smart new series from DC, the penultimate chapter in my current favorite Marvel run, a Vault Comics break-out hit, and more.

As always, you can find the usual lists in full below…enjoy!

Top Comics to Buy for October 19, 2022

Bone Orchard Mythos: Ten Thousand Black Feathers #2
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Andrea Sorrentino
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Letterer: Steve Wands
Publisher: Image Comics
The new series in the shared horror universe of THE BONE ORCHARD MYTHOS continues!
Trish and Jackie continue to be pulled deeper into the fantasy world they’ve created. But the terrors of the real world are difficult to separate, and their teenage daydreams are proving to be equally dangerous.
Why It’s Cool:
This comic is so good, the highlight so far of Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino’s nascent shared horror universe. Using multiple timelines and a sort of flexible sense of reality (as well as unsurprisingly stunning artwork), this book is about as compelling and immersive as it gets.
Price: $3.99

GCPD: The Blue Wall #1
Writer: John Ridley
Artist: Stefano Raffaele
Colorist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Ariana Maher
Publisher: DC Comics
Still relatively early in her tenure as GCPD commissioner, Renee Montoya sets out to rebuild her department and restore public faith in the historically troubled PD during some of the worst conditions it’s ever seen. But Renee can’t do it alone-in order for her plan to work, everyone from the topmost officials all the way down to the most fresh-faced new officers must contend with the harsh realities of being a symbol of law and order in a city of super-powered saviors and superhuman lawlessness. DC is proud to present GCPD: The Blue Wall by the stellar team of Academy Award-winning writer John Ridley and artist Stefano Raffaele. This six-part miniseries is a thought-provoking and riveting story of everyday people trying to do good in the midst of a flawed system. No one said protecting a city like Gotham would be easy.
Why It’s Cool:
You can read a full discussion of this book via our DC Round-Up column, but to sum it up, this is a very smart and timely comic executed to near-perfection. The script is bold and compelling, filled with characters who feel true to life, and the artwork is absolutely stunning. I don’t really do book of the week in this space, but if I was to pick one must-read title out of these comics to buy for October 19, it would be this one.
Price: $3.99

Iron Man #24
Writer: Christopher Cantwell
Artist: Angel Unzueta
Colorist: Frank D’Armata
Letterer: Joe Caramagna
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Tony Stark has all but bankrupted himself buying up every dangerous piece of tech he’s chased down on the black market network, dismantling it from the inside. As he and Rhodey lock it all up and plan their next steps, Tony and Riri Williams argue over what to do with the most powerful weapon they’ve recovered…the Mandarin’s rings.
Why It’s Cool:
For basically the full 24 issues of this run, this has been my favorite book at Marvel Comics, a complex and character-driven deep dive into Tony Stark that draws excellently from the character’s long continuity. In the penultimate issue of this run, we get some great twists and surprises. It’s not over yet, but I’m already missing this Very Good comic.
Price: $3.99

Mindset #4
Writer: Zack Kaplan
Artist: John Pearson
Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Publisher: Vault Comics
While Ben Sharp and his crew recover from tragedy, they also have everything they need to make Mindset the world’s most influential platform. But, as Ben seems to achieve everything he ever wanted, from fortune and fame to maybe even love, he can’t help but shake the suspicion that there’s something more going on.
Why It’s Cool: This series has been absolutely excellent from the start, but the stakes and complexity continue to rise in this fourth issue. In addition to being one of the smartest and most thoughtful looks at start-up culture that we’ve yet seen, Mindset is also a great character-driven story about the price of success. Truly, you do not want to miss out on this book.
Price: $4.99

Rogues #4
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Leomacs
Colorist: Jason Wordie
Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Publisher: DC Comics – Black Label
Gorilla City blues! All the Rogues wanted was a better life for themselves. But that’s all over thanks to all their greed and backstabbing. Those still left alive are busted up with their backs against the wall, and Grodd’s forces are closing in. With no heroes racing to save them, they must make a deadly deal with Gorilla Grodd to survive.  
Why It’s Cool: As with GCPD: The Blue Wall #1, you can read a more complete discussion about this series finale via this week’s DC Round-Up column, but in brief, this is an excellent comic about some of the worst people in the DC Universe. The creative team all bring their A game, delivering yet another example of what DC’s prestige Black Label imprint can be when it’s at its best.
Price: $6.99

Others Receiving Votes

  • Above Snakes #4
  • Aquaman Andromeda #3
  • Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #8
  • Black Adam #5
  • Captain America: Symbol of Truth #6
  • Carnage #7
  • Dark Crisis: Young Justice #5
  • Duo #6
  • The Flash #787
  • Forever Forward #2
  • I Am Batman #14
  • Public Doman #5
  • Sacrament #3
  • Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel to be Kin #6
  • Silver Coin #15

New #1s and One-Shots

  • Batman – One Bad Day: Penguin #1 (one-shot)
  • Crypt of Shadows #1 (one-shot)
  • Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1
  • Eve: Children of the Moon #1
  • Fear the Funhouse #1 (one-shot)
  • Harley Quinn The Animated Series: Legion of Bats #1
  • Hellboy in Love #1
  • Marked 3-D Halloween Special #1 (one-shot)
  • Transformers: Best of Grimlock #1 (one-shot)

Trade Collections and Graphic Novels

  • comics to buy for october 19Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target TP
  • Batman Hush: 20th Anniversary Edition HC
  • Critical Role: Tales of Exandria Vol. 1 Bright Queen TP
  • Doom Patrol by Rachel Pollock Omnibus HC
  • The Fellspyre Chronicles Book 1 HC
  • Green Lantern Alliance TP
  • Gunning for Ramirez Vol. 2 TP
  • Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham Book 1 Golden Age TP
  • New Masters TP
  • Night-Eaters: She Eats the Night HC
  • Refrigerator Full of Heads HC
  • Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus HC (2022 Edition)

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