The Top Comics to Buy for June 12 are one of those bunches of comics that have almost nothing in common, aside from they’re all worth checking out. But in terms of genre and themes and aesthetics, there’s a lot of variety in this week’s bunch. You can find my five recommendations below as always, along with the usual set of lists … enjoy!

Top Comics to Buy for June 12

comics to buy for june 12Crocodile Black #2
Writer: Phillips Kennedy Johnson
Artist: Som
Colorist: Patricio Delpeche
Letterer: Becca Carey
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Danny’s ego and fascination with Leo climb sky-high as he takes a morbid interest in Leo’s life, possessions, and living space-all while in the presence of Leo’s still-rotting corpse. But literally walking in Leo’s shoes will inevitably lead to trouble, especially as a man he meets can’t help but take a liking to Danny’s violent tendencies…
Why It’s Cool:
This book rules, from the art to the twisted events that play out in this second issue’s script. I was intrigued by the first issue of Crocodile Blackbut I’m absolutely blown away by the second issue. Absolutely no idea where the rest of this story goes, which is a compliment.
Price: $4.99

Dick Tracy #2
Writers: Alex Segura and Michael Moreci
Art: Geraldo Borges
Creative Consultant: Chantelle Aimee Osman
Colorist: Mark Englert
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
As the City reels from the events at the Green Eye Diner, Dick Tracy must try and piece together the clues to not only discover the gunman behind the slaughter – but the man who gave the order. Who could the new player be? And how does intrepid reporter Tess Truehart fit in? A gritty, hardboiled tale that honors everything fans love about Dick Tracy-with an unforgettable twist.
Why It’s Cool: Armed with familiar characters and story elements from the iconic Dick Tracy franchise, this creative team is delivering an excellent and compelling hard-boiled noir. There’s such a great tension to the way this new book is being written and illustrated. It really works.
Price: $4.99

comics to buy for june 12Into the Unbeing Part 1 #1
Writer: Zac Thompson
Artist: Hayden Sherman
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
A group of climate scientists working in a remote base camp on the Australian outback discover an impossible landform. They venture inside expecting the unexpected, and the titular Unbeing delivers. True to the traditions of cosmic horror, they discover an anomalous environment that defies everything they think they know about the world. 
Why It’s Cool:
In short, it’s a new comic drawn by Hayden Sherman. They have quietly become one of — if not the — most exciting artists in all of comics. This book is also really well-written, a haunting first issue that evokes the excellent Jeff VanderMeer novel, Annihalation, but in a really visual way that is perfect for comics.
Price: $3.99

Morning Star #3
Writers: David “DB” Andry and Tim Daniel
Artist: Marco Finnegan
Colorist: Jason Wordie
Letterer: Justin Birch
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Marabeth Garrett has left the trail and lost her way in search of her still missing brother, Charlie. What finds her in the Kootenai Forest drives her deeper into fear and further from her mother into the unforgiving Montana wilderness. Jolene’s fruitless search for her son Charlie continues but her path is lit by powerful memories of her deceased husband’s love.
Why It’s Cool:
This compelling psychological family drama continues to deliver riveting twists and push its limits toward even darker places. I’m loving it, from the bold honestly of the scripting to the retro-evoking aesthetic of the art.

Ultimate X-Men #4
Writer/Artist: Peach Momoko
Script Adaptation: Zack Davisson
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Hisako and Mei’s classmate, Nico Minoru, has figured out that these two girls possess unusual abilities… But they’re not the only ones! Hisako’s world gets a whole lot bigger in ULTIMATE X-MEN #4!
Why It’s Cool:
A lot of what has been simmering from the start erupts in this issue, with an outburst of comics action. This book has been an intriguing take on the X-Men, done by powerhouse creator Peach Momoko. The powers of the characters are familiar, but really everything else has changed, giving the book a nice sense of unpredictability.

Others Receiving Votes

  • Batman & Robin #10
  • Deadweights #3
  • Green Lantern #12
  • Heartpiercer #2
  • Little Black Book #4
  • Mezo – Trial of Roden #2
  • Napalm Lullaby #4
  • Night People #4
  • Suicide Squad: Dream Team #4
  • Transformers #9

New #1s and One-Shots

  • comics to buy for june 12Batman – Gotham By Gaslight – The Kryptonian Age #1
  • DC Pride – Uncovered #1
  • Giant-Size Daredevil #1 (one-shot)
  • Godzilla – Best of Spacegodzilla #1 (one-shot)
  • Godzilla – Skate or Die #1
  • High On Life #1
  • Lawful #1
  • My Little Pony – Best of Spike #1 (one-shot)
  • My Little Pony – Maretime Mysteries #1
  • Plastic – Death & Dolls #1
  • Remote Space #1
  • Rifters #1
  • Scarlet Witch #1
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Usagi Yojimbo – Saturday Morning Adventures #1
  • Wicked Trinity #1
  • X-Men – Blood Hunt – Jubilee #1
  • X-Men – Heir of Apocalypse #1

Graphic Novels and Trade Collections

  • Black Widow by Kelly Thompson TP
  • Coda – False Dawns TP
  • Evil Eyes Sea HC
  • Geiger Deluxe Edition Vol. 1 HC
  • The Hunger and The Dusk Vol. 1 TP
  • Identity Crisis 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition HC
  • Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 War Devils TP
  • Nightwing Vol. 3 – The Battle for Bludhaven’s Heart TP
  • Safe Places GN
  • Secret Six By Gail Simone Omnibus Vol. 1 HC
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Turtle Power Pack Vol. 1 TP
  • Thor by Walt Simonson Omnibus HC
  • Wolverine by Benjamin Percy Vol. 8 Sabretooth War Part 1 TP

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