Kim 500
New Yorkers are in for a real treat tonight as Kim Deitch does a special showing of toons from his vault:

Kim Deitch will host a Cartoon Movie Night featuring rarely seen animated cartoons from the 1920s and 1930s hand-picked for the occasion from Deitch’s own personal collection. This period of animation inspired Deitch’s signature character Waldo the Cat and is the subject of his acclaimed graphic novel The Boulevard of Broken Dreams, which is featured in the exhibit. As a special Halloween treat, MoCCA will also display for one night only selected specimens from Deitch and spouse Pam Butler’s extensive collection of antique toy cats. The blurring of fact, fiction and autobiography in Deitch’s work is a major focus of Kim Deitch: A Retrospective, and this display will present a rare opportunity to see the historical artifacts that motivate the fictional narrative in Deitch’s graphic novel Alias the Cat.

Deitch’s collection is reportedly vast and mind-boggling and, YouTube be damned, we’d rather watch this in a convivial setting with friends and pals.

More: NPR interviews Deitch.


  1. A recent issue of Comics Journal has massive coverage of the Deitches. I am in the midst of reading it, in the Gene days…