No drama here!


  1. I think Jiro Kuwata should’ve received credit on the poster for this reception. I wonder how he feels about this exclusion and how the online comics community feels about this glaring omission. Tsk, tsk!*

    *copyright and trademark Steve Ditko.

  2. Who’s Jiro Kuwata, is he famous? I’ve never heard of him. By the way, I love Chip Kidd’s Batman manga book. Due to his research over many many years and hard work at finding some very obscure material, I was able to enjoy some Batman knock off material from Japan. I never imagined this material existed. It’s very fun to look at in it’s original newsprint reproduction. I’m usually not interested in manga, but the cover art sold me, along with Chip Kidd’s name. Thanks again, Chip. I wish I could hear him speak about the process of designing this very cool book. 5 Stars