Ed Piskor’s X-Men: Grand Design has been one of the more interesting projects that Marvel has put out in years. A comprehensive history of the merry mutants through the lens of an indie comics auteur, the series has been both critically well-received and successful for the publisher, with issues going back for multiple printings. It’s not surprising that Marvel would be interested in trying to recapture that magic for their other properties, and today we got our first indication of where they might be looking next.

Tom Scioli (GodlandTransformers vs. GI Joe) tweeted the following with some pitch images presenting the origin of Galactus from a proposed Fantastic Four project:


When asked if the project was moving forward, Scioli was coy:


Over on his Facebook page, Scioli clarified further that the project wouldn’t happen for a while.

If there’s anyone suited for a ‘Grand Design’-style retelling of the FF’s history, it’s Scioli. He’s already worked briefly on the team as part of the Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Comics Magazine miniseries, his style is clearly influenced heavily by Jack Kirby, and he frequently channels the bombast and big ideas of Kirby in his own work.

What other indie creators would you want to see tackle some Big 2 hero histories?


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