Tom Lyle, acclaimed big two artist, was hospitalized and put into a coma over the weekend following a brain aneurysm. The news of Tom Lyle’s coma comes in from fellow comics creator Phillip Sevy (Triage) who posted on Facebook that Lyle was “placed in a medically induced-coma after suffering a brain aneurysm. The doctors are hopeful and are going in next Wednesday to operate and try and clear up the blood clot, but he (and his wife Susan Paris Lyle) could use all the good thoughts/wishes/prayers/whatever you can give during this time.”

Lyle is renowned for a variety of work across the cape and cowl prospectus, beginning his career as penciler on Starman, for DC Comics. He went on to provide art for the first ever Robin miniseries, then co-created The Electrocutioner and Stephanie Brown during his run on Detective Comics. Once he jumped across the aisle to Marvel, Lyle continued to work on big titles including “Maximum Carnage” and “Clone Saga,” eventually creating the iconic hoodie costume for the Scarlet Spider. Most recently, he’s taken his talents back to younger generations as a sequential art teacher at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Along with the Facebook post, Sevy also went to Twitter after hearing the news that Lyle had been put into a coma. In honor of his friend, he drew his own rendition of Lyle’s Scarlet Spider design.

Following in Sevy’s example, creators, fans and students of all kinds are drawing their own Scarlet Spiders in support of Lyle with the hashtag of his name. Check out more there, or draw up your own in support of the definitive artist and educator. Get well soon, Tom!