Tom Hart has a new comic strip up at The Panelist, called The Money Warrior. A new strip by Tom Hart is always a cause to celebrate.

I’ve teamed up with the terrific folks at The, a website about investing ethically, to start a new weekly strip, The Money Warrior!

The Money Warrior’s on the hunt! He’s current, direct, ruthless and primal! The Money Warrior wants to kill you some money!

Check the first strip directly here.

The Money Warrior started as a bit of a parody of Jim Cramer of Mad Money, and in fact I created the first iteration for my Metro strips. But those strips reminded me that in the end, I dislike parody and that I’d rather invent my own creations, something new from a starting point of parody. The folks at the Panelist recognized a similar traveler in the Money Warrior, and asked for more.