Joel AND Mike episodes.

Only 5 so far, but hey, one of them is the great GIANT GILA MONSTER.

Posted by Mark Coale


  1. As an old school MSTie, I suffered through the days when Comedy Central would run episode 402 “Giant Gila Monster” at any given opportunity. The movie’s public domain, so they ran it… all… the… damn… time.

    The best part of the Gila DVD is the new Joel and the Bots footage which ISN’T on Hulu.

  2. News culled from the DVDVR message board!

    Not only does NetFlix have TONS of episodes streaming, but also the newest box set (number 16) including Mexican Santa Claus with EXTRAS including a 50 year retrospective of Santa conquering the Devil and original radio spots!

  3. And here I thought that the show was “Zestfully Dead!” They’d better post “Pod People,” STAT! “Manos,” too.

    — Rob