Back then, we didn’t have “cosplay”. We called them “hall costumes”. In this case, the “hall” was in a dorm in a small town in eastern Iowa, and the cosplay was “Comix Omnibus”. [Please no body shaming or outrage about my exposed nipple. Compliments, however, are appreciated.]
Begun in 2001 by the Beatrix herself, today marks the SIXTH annual celebration of Torsten Day. You can read the previous five celebrations here.

Normally, it occurs during New York Comic Con, but due to the Black Moon and ReedPop not expanding New York Comic Con to Columbus Day, it occurs afterwards. (Hmm… maybe we should designate the Sunday before as the “observed” holiday for those years when the Tenth isn’t part of NYCC…)

So, there’s no particular rhyme or reason to celebrating ITD, as I tend not to have any particular rhyme, reason, meter, melody, or pagan symbolism in my general existence. Oh wait… I did have rules last year. They’re optional this year. As are the suggestions which follow. (Or if you’re a stickler for rules, Rule #0: Ignore any and all rules, including this one. Or not.)

That said, if you wish to celebrate today, and you’re not wiped out from attending New York Comic Con, then I suggest the following:

  1.  Post a link below from a news source talking about something interesting, like weird flora/fauna, outer space, cool technology, little-known history, bizarre happenings…
  2. Recommend a good book, comic, magazine, website to read! I’m a librarian, bookseller, and bibliophile, and I’m always searching for something interesting to read!
  3. Tell me something interesting about yourself! We here at The Beat don’t get to know our readers that well, even though we value them all, and appreciate the comments given.
  4. Find a quiet moment, and let your mind wander and ponder. If you need help, today’s ponder is:

    10 Oct 97 – The Real Life
    “Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?”
    Yes Brain, but if our knees bent the other way, how would we ride a bicycle?

    My ponder just now? Ponder is a strange word. I wonder where it came from? Hmm…  ruminate. Can one be a pendent? A pendenting mendicant? Is it gauche to have cartoon characters on your begging bowl? I guess that depends on my beliefs. And my musings. Today I’m being Thalic.

  5. Invent a new word. Or generate one, define it, and use it in a sentence on social media! Just don’t use this one.

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