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Don’t miss Gabrielle Bell signing her latest graphic novel LUCKY in NYC at Jim Hanley’s Universe (4 West 33rd St) on Wednesday, December 20, 2006 from 6:00-8:00PM. LUCKY is published by Canadian publisher Drawn & Quarterly.

“Lucky” is also a startling achievement: a coming-of-age tale — from hipster Williamsburg, no less — told without a whisper of irony.”–Boston Globe

“With a selective eye for detail and a knack for capturing tart dialogue, Bell squeezes joy from an underemployed and under-realized 20-something existence. A-“–Washington Post

“The book gives off the same quality of wistful lonesomeness that so much of 1980s culture specialized in: indie films or R.E.M albums and the stories of Raymond Carver or Frederick Barthelme.”–OC Weekly

“[Bell’s comics] are palpably real and eloquently understated, with neither a wasted word nor an extra line.”–Booklist

“Brief tales of yoga roommate miscommunication, ignorant comics buyers, the anguish of nude modeling, and sex-obsessed, adolescent art students radiate good humor and are sure to resonate with a certain stripe of well-educated, underemployed 20-something comic reader. Lucky is yet another sophisticated, nuanced pleasure.”–Publishers Weekly

“I think Bell’s comics are tremendously and frequently funny in a way that most other cartoonists barely manage, a humor that comes out of deadpan depictions of people behaving just a tiny bit like buffoons, and a sensitivity towards how a lot of people can careen back and forth between avoidance and confrontation.”–The Comics Reporter

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