Toby Cypress is one of the most stylish and underrated comics artists around town, and when you peep his blog, you’ll see why. He recently started posting new pages of his long-gestating graphic novel, RODD RACER, and it looks cool as hell.


  1. I love this stuff. I’m really looking forward to this being completed. I think Toby is still trying to find his voice though. I started buying the “Killing Girl” mini series when Frank Espinosa was doing it. After a couple of issues Cypress took over the art, I felt like he was trying to channel Espinosa and keep the artwork looking similar. Unfortunately, for me, the art just fell apart, in a lot of the panels I couldn’t tell what was going on. There was a lot of gestural images and lines that seemed to be unattached and floating in space. That along with a ridiculously insulting (to all women) story line, made me abandon the book. I was also disappointed in his contribution to “Doom,” the magazine that had the greatest looking covers but not much else.

    I see a lot of both Tony Salmons ( whatever happened to him?) and Paul Pope as influences, which is okay. I think “Rodd Racer” will be the book that finally gives Cypress an identity. Hopefully, this will be printed in black and white, because right now there is a real organic beauty to the pages. This is something that the comic book world could really use right now.

  2. Yeah, this looks nice. I didn’t think of Salmons or Espinosa (though now that it’s mentioned I can see it), but I did see Pope along with Toth and even what Guy Davis has been doing on the Hellboy-family books.

  3. This guy is really talented. Scrolling down on his blog you see some of the incredible backgrounds. The architectural stuff is brilliant. I can’t wait to see his stuff in a little while when the various influences wear off.

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