We don’t know much about this newish comics shop Locust Moon Comics, but based on the verve of their PR, they seem to be one of the kinds of comics shop we need. They are hosting the great Todd Klein tonight — if you are around, stopping by would probably be a good idea.

On April 8th Locust Moon Comics will be hosting a party and signing with Todd Klein. By all accounts the most celebrated letterer in the history of American comics, Mr. Klein has won the Eisner Award for Best Letterer fifteen times in the award’s eighteen year history, along with eight Harvey awards and many other commendations.

Mr. Klein worked closely with Neil Gaiman as letterer for the entire run of the legendary Sandman series. His gift for creating memorable yet easy-to-read fonts and balloons helped give the Sandman its unique voice.He is also an accomplished logo and book designer, having served in this capacity for the award-winning line of ABC books created by Watchmen creator Alan Moore.

Locust Moon will be hosting a celebration of Todd Klein’s career, where fans can meet the man and get their books signed in his inimitable print. Food & wine will be provided, along with high spirited conversations on lettering, comics and art.

Locust Moon Comics is a retailer, art gallery and small press located in West Philadelphia. Since opening their doors in April 2010, they have become a hub of the local comics & art community, hosting many readings, signings and book release parties with a diverse cross-section of artists and creators including Farel Dalrymple, Bob Schreck, Steve Walker, Box Brown, James Comey, J.G. Jones and the Philly Comix Jam. The store features a deep and diverse collection of comics and graphic novels with a special emphasis on independent and creator-owned work, as well as high-quality art prints, imported and limited-edition toys, and a vast selection of rare and out-of-print DVDs.