Johnny Ryan and Marc Bell face off for a signing at FAMILY, the Los Angeles comics/bookstore run by KRAMERS ERGOT mastermind Sammy Harkham! Bell will be doing another signing on Friday in New York at Desert Island… that is, if he emerges intact!


Meanwhile, in San Francisco, writer and Dark Horse editor supreme Scott Allie and artist Kevin McGovern stop by Brian Hibbs’ Comix Experience on the first of four tour stops this week to promote their new book EXURBIA, which is McGovern’s debut comics project. They will be at Atlantis Fantasyworld in Santa Cruz tomorrow, Manhattan Beach’s The Comic Bug on Friday, Golden Apple Comics in LA on Saturday, and finally Comic Oasis in Las Vegas on Sunday.


Finally, in Omaha, WOLVERINE and SCALPED writer Jason Aaron will be appearing at Krypton Comics from noon to 6 PM along with Cynthia Martin, an Omaha native who illustrated STAR WARS comics for Marvel back in the ’80s.

EDIT: This event is actually on SUNDAY!

Posted by Aaron Humphrey.


  1. The Martin art up at the Lambiek link provided isn’t the best representation of her work. She’s a great illustrator who brought a clean and dynamic look to her projects during the eighties and early nineties. She had a memorable run on Web of Spider-Man (it took place in an insane asylum… I don’t remember the issues), and she did a fill in on the most recent Blue Beetle series.

  2. 65 credits in the Grand Comics Database as “Cynthia Martin”

    Her latest credit is Zombie Tales #1 (2007).

    Also credited as “Cindy Martin”. The “Spidey Goes Mad” storyline immediately followed “Kraven’s Last Hunt”.

    While not my “local” comics shop (they weren’t around when I started collecting in 1984), Dean Phillips and crew run a great store! If driving along I-80, take a rest stop at the store!

  3. I still remember Martin’s Star Wars work, it was very smooth and stylized years ahead of its time. Glad to hear she’s still working, she has real talent.

  4. Hmm, yeah. I remember those Spidey stories. The actual story was a bit…*pulls a face like he’s been presented with a large bill for drinks he didn’t order*, but the art…

    There was a whole kind of, I dunno, really grounded aesthetic in those days, that would probably look really sedate and dampened in comparison to today’s post-McFarlane/Larsen/Bagley/etc., post-neo-manga world. Still nice, though. There are guys on the Spider-Man comics today who strike a fair balance between the two styles – McKone, say, or better still Marcos Martin and Paolo Rivera – but I don’t know if you’d get away with something so aggressively…understated? in this day and age.


  5. Heh, very funny to read all these explanations of Cindy…she and I were great pals back in the day and had several adventures together. She did indeed draw some kick ass Star Wars and Spider-man stuff and AFAIK is still drawing.

  6. According to the link, Aaron and Martin’s visit is actually on Sunday. I may have to check it out as Krypton is only a five minute walk from where I live.

  7. Gak. If I would have seen this before I headed out for Geek Day, I’d have driven to Omaha instead of Des Moines just for her. To this day I am still a huge fan of her Star Wars from 20ish years ago.

  8. We interviewed Cynthia last year for our 71th issue and we were so amazed by her life story, how she broke into comics, the whole War of Gods debacle, the army… She said she would be very happy to work again for Boom. So let’s spread the word so that we can see again some kick-ass Cynthia Martin art!

  9. Hi, and thanks for all the good words. I so appreciate it! But Heidi, I was born in California and moved to Omaha, NE about six years ago. It’s a great place for a working artist, seriously. (Come here and do art, artists!)

    I’m working on several projects atm, but I’ll be bringing original pages of Honey West to Krypton tomorrow. It’s authored by Trina Robbins, published by Moonstone and it’s a rush. Let me know if you want a scan or two.