Will you be in São Paulo tomorrow? It is the place to be if you want to see Tara McPherson (FABLES: 1001 NIGHTS OF SNOWFALL), Doze Green, Jim Houser (BABEL) and Adam Wallacavage at the opening reception for their exhibition “Americana” at Choque Cultural. We can’t quite figure out what time the reception is, but we wish we could go! If you’re not going to be in the Southern Hemisphere’s most populous city either, check out some of the art under the cut.

Tara McPherson has worked with Dark Horse, Vertigo, and many rock bands:


Jim Houser is a painter and designer, whose body of work doesn’t officially include comics, but you could have fooled us:


Doze Green is a NYC graffiti artist who made the move to galleries in the ’80s. It may not be comics, but what the heck:


Finally, Adam Wallacavage makes octopus chandeliers, which are the easiest way to make a house a home:


Posted by Aaron Humphrey.


  1. The beautiful letterpress poster was printed at Gráfica Fidalga, a small letterpress shop in São Paulo. Chozue Cultural uses them to help keep the local poster tradition of Lambe Lambe alive. Not really comic related, but still awesome.