For the next two weeks, Pink’s Bar, in New York’s Lower East Side, will host the Fan Bros Art Show, a display of sci-fi & comic art. Opening night of the Art Show was led by the Fan Bros Away Team of Tatiana King Jones (the Grand Duchess of Tech, also known as the Uhura of the Spaceship, the Black Russian, the black Rogue, also known as Sean-Jean Picard), DJ BenHaMeen (Wakanda’s favorite DJ, Doctor Who’s man’s is this, the Anti-Trife Equation, the Captain Kirk of the Spaceship), and mission specialist/art curator Murjani “Murj” Holmes (aka Murj the curator, aka Art Master Murj).

You can usually catch Tatiana and BenHaMeen in their spaceship championing Urban Geeks and Folks of Color in their weekly podcast. That night, along with Murj, they pulled hosting duties for the opening of the Art Show, Tatiana and Murj worked the crowd while BenHaMeen provided the music (yes the DJ is real). 

When I asked them what prompted the creation of the Art Show, Tatiana told me that they “..were in the middle of trying to figure out some new live events to do during the summer time.” At that same time Murj reached out to them wanting to do something and had an idea for an art show. A Virginian transplant, Murj’s been working the New York art scene for the past ten years when she reached out to the Fan Bros crew. From that contact Tatiana went to one of Murj’s Harlem art shows, was blow away, and told her “let’s do this!”

Like the bat-signal, an open call went out through the Fan Bros Show and social media for artist to submit work, and last night was the culmination of that call for art. Answered by a variety of small press and independant artists. The artists who submitted work by email were selected by Murj and the FanBros, who looked for what they wanted to see represented in the show. Any rejections weren’t due to lack of talent, but more not fitting the story that the Fan Bros and Murj wanted to craft. On a follow up email question Murj stated that “All of the work had a colorful narrative that played well together we tried to make sure the exhibition as a whole was cohesive.” Cohesion like contributions from indie artists Micheline Hess’s Hellgrrl and Javier Cruz Winnik‘s Thundercats pieces, the Art Show has something for everyone who digs comic art.

The Art Show will be up until August 12th, follow the Fan Bros crew on SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more information on upcoming events, also follow Murj at Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for some dope art.