Tom Hart, Jon Lewis, K. Thor Jensen and Miss Lasko Gross team up

Jon Lewis of True Swamp fame will read the central fight scene of his
Power Of Six: The Twisted Apples

Also reading: K. Thor Jensen, Miss Lasko Gross, Tom Hart and puppets
by the Heather and Ben Show.

This Sunday, April 8, at KGB Bar: 85 E. 4th St, NYC. 7 pm


  1. If this is that bar that has like pictures and statues of Stalin on the rooftop and all, I very much have a problem with the political aesthetics of the place that would place a dictator and a torturer of people featured predominatly on it’s premises.

  2. yep, no stalin or lenin statues, but there is a nice neon fish on the outside.

    the kgb is an awesome little bar on 4th st. tom, thor, miss, jon, and the puppets were all awesome. here’s hoping that we don’t have to wait until next easter for another go.

  3. I had a pal that lived in that building, he used to throw parties on the roof. I have drank cans of Bud on Lenin’s foot. KGB was a nice place, but five beans for a bottle of beer was a little sad. The show was excellent though, it made it worth it.

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