Justin Hall & Dave Davenport HARD TO SWALLOW @ Isotope
Friday, September 26th
7pm – 11pm

Kicking off Folsom Street Fair weekend in high style… queer comics icons Justin Hall and Dave Davenport will be launching the fourth issue of the edgy, gay erotic comics HARD TO SWALLOW at the Isotope.

One of our favorite indy books, HARD TO SWALLOW brings together three award-winning creators in an orgy of sex adventures featuring all the hardcore pirates, naughty werewolves, exotic locales, and horny studs you could hope for. Isotope is known for throwing some of the best bacchanalias in the comics world, and we’ll be jam-packing the store full of raunchy comics, booze, loose men and brash women, weak-willed cartoonists, and plenty of that HARD TO SWALLOW action that you need!

This event features hot tunes spun by The Eagle & The Cinch Saloon’s own DJ BEARZBUB.


  1. Is this really newsworthy? An edgy, gay erotic comic? This really is crossing the line of good taste (hard to swallow!) What dictates pornography? This disease continues to spread… I guess morals are dead.

  2. I saw this yesterday at the West Hollywood Book Fair. Wa attempted to pick it up – but opted instead for a Tokoyopop Star Trek Manga book due to my friend Mike Wellman having a story in it – and I gotta help a friend out by having him sign one for me.



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