This Friday, July 20th, at 8 pm, ROCKETSHIP is proud to present CARTOON BROOKLYN III, an art show celebrating the rich variety of comic art in the Borough of Kings!

This year’s participants in this annual event are ARIEL SCHRAG (Potential, Likewise), BECKY CLOONAN (American Virgin, East Coast Rising, Demo), and LEAH HAYES (Holy Moly). Please join us for the Show Opening Gala this Friday night!

Refreshments will be served! Art will be looked at! Books will be signed! Is there a better way to spend your evening? Not really!


  1. So. Sad. I was thinking earlier this week that I needed a good excuse to go to New York. Then I didn’t try and I might have found this if I had and now I have an appointment for my cats tomorrow morning.
    I suck. I really suck.