Isotope – the comic book lounge:

February 15th begins what I can only promise is jaw-dropping 2008 in-store event schedule. Come join us as we team up with the fine folks at Notemine to kick off San Francisco’s famed Animation On Display convention with a bang of atom-splicing proportions!

Animania-A-Go-Go features DJ MacMini spinning a selection of the sexiest nerdiest tracks to get your backsides in gear! Superstar Tommy Yune who you know from his work on Robotech and Speed Racer! The writer of Happy Tree Friends, LazyTown and classic CG cartoon ReBoot , madman Ken Pontac! And the beyond-legendary comics authoring architect of Teen Titans, Tomb of Dracula and Crisis on Infinite Earths… the one, the only… Marv Wolfman!