Okay not really. It’s just that Stephen King has just announced the looooong awaited sequel to The Shining and it’s called Doctor Sleep. It follows the grown-up adventures of Danny Torrance, the “redrum” lad of the original, who is now a middle-aged cat man.

And the title reminded us of Doktor Sleepless, the long running comic by Warren Ellis and Ivan Rodriguez.

According to series writer Warren Ellis, Doktor Sleepless may be a man named John Reinhardt, a trust-fund baby and boy genius who is shunned by the counter-culture he helped found. After disappearing from the city of Heavenside three years ago, he suddenly returns having undergone some changes during the interim. Upon his return, he’s transformed himself from a relatively mundane man into what he describes as a “cartoon mad scientist,” calling himself “Doktor Sleepless.”

So there you go. Nothing whatsoever in common. Except a title.


  1. >> I’m optimistic that King might actually deliver a worthy sequel.>>

    King hasn’t written many sequels. But those he has written are good.

    If you think of THE DARK TOWER as one big long book rather than a series of sequels, then BLACK HOUSE may be the only one.

    But if so, it’s a good one!

  2. Anything that makes you think of Doktor Sleepless is newsworthy. Probably my fave genre comic of the century along with Fallen Angel. Though what genre is anyone’s guess and I’d rather keep guessing.

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