Titan have announced that they’ll be publishing a graphic novel based on the Lost Planet series of video games from Capcom. Called Lost Planet: First Colony, the story will be written by Guillaume Dorison and illustrated by Massimo Dall’Oglio.


Dorison is credited under his pen-name ‘Izu‘, under which he’s previously written tie-in stories to the Devil May Cry games, as well as his acclaimed manga Omega Complex. Lost Planet: First Colony will be released digitally in two parts (to tie in to the new Lost Planet game, out this week), with the first issue available now on ComiXology.

The comics will be collected into trade in December. Here’s the description of the story, straight from the press release, because they understand what Lost Planet is far better than I do:

LOST PLANET: First Colony uncovers the dark secrets of the iceworld of E.D.N. III – the lost planet – and its deadly, indigenous Akrid!

Fans of the series will thrill to an all-new, high-stakes adventure which sheds new light on humanity’s first attempt to settle this harsh frontier.

In E.D.N. III’s icy wastes, no-one is safe – least of all the crew of the pirate vessel, Crusader, come to pillage its technology! There’s a strong chance that no-one will leave this world alive…

Bit of a John Carpenter vibe there, isn’t there? Interestingly, I think this is the first Titan Comic to use a pre-existing license, rather than be an original property. Keep an eye on that – there’s rumours that the company may be picking up other franchises as we move into 2014.


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